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Wrist gestures

You can use wrist gestures to navigate your M600. You can flick your wrist in and out to scroll notifications and menus up and down. You can also shake your wrist to exit to the watch face.

Before you can use the wrist gestures, you have to turn them on.

To turn wrist gestures on

  1. Navigate to the Settings app, and find and tap Gestures.
  2. Tap Wrist gestures to toggle between turning the wrist gestures on (the switch is blue) and off (the switch is gray).

You can watch a tutorial on how to use the wrist gestures, and at the same time practice using them. You can find the tutorial in the same Gestures menu where you turned on the wrist gestures. Scroll the Gestures menu to find and tap Launch tutorial. For more detailed info on what you can do with wrist gestures, see Wear OS by Google Help.