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Polar app

Training with the Polar app on your M600

Use the Polar app on your M600 to take full advantage of your sport-optimized smartwatch.

Find out what's in the Polar app and how to get around in it:

Track your training sessions, and see, for example, your heart rate, speed, and distance during training:

See also our instructions on how to wear your M600 in order to get accurate heart rate measurements, and find out in what kind of sports we recommend wearing a Polar heart rate sensor with a chest strap to ensure reliable heart rate measurement:

Sport profiles

Separate profiles for all the sports you want to do with specific settings for each one of them. Adjust the sport profile settings to best suit your training needs:

Polar features

Polar’s unique Smart Coaching features offer the best possible guidance on how to develop your training as well as helpful feedback on your progress. The Polar app on your M600 includes the following Polar Smart Coaching features:

Together with the Polar Flow mobile app and the Polar Flow web service, you can plan your training and achieve your training targets, analyze and learn about your performance, follow your progress, and share your sessions with others. See Polar app and Polar Flow for more information.

See Updating the Polar app to find out how to keep the Polar features on your smartwatch up to date.