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Phone calls

Note that your phone must be connected to your M600 using Bluetooth for you to be able to see the incoming calls on your smartwatch and for you to be able to initiate calls using the M600.

Handling incoming calls on your M600

When you get a call on your phone, you can see who's calling on the screen of your M600. You can reject the call from your M600.

To reject an incoming call

  • Tap the icon for declining the call on the screen of your M600.

Initiating phone calls from your M600

 Applicable only to Polar M600 paired with an Android phone

You can initiate calls from the M600 to people on the contact list. The M600 shows contacts saved in your Google Contacts.

To make a phone call

  1. Press the side power button to open the apps menu, and find and tap Contacts.
  2. Find and tap the name of your contact who you want to call.
  3. Scroll the contact details to find different types of contact options, and tap the phone icon.
  4. The phone call will open on your phone. Use your phone to communicate with the person your are calling.

You can also ask Google Assistant to make a call to contacts saved in your Google Contacts. Find out more about using Google Assistant on Wear OS by Google from Wear OS by Google help.