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Menu structure

Home screen

The starting point to getting around your smartwatch is the home screen. On the home screen, you can view the current time. Depending on the watch face, you can also see other information. Find out more from Watch face settings.

On the home screen, you can view notifications that tell you different kind of important information, and you can also view the status of your M600. To find out more about the different statuses, see Status icons.

You can quickly get to the home screen from anywhere in your M600 by pressing the side power button or by shaking your wrist. To learn more about how to get around in your smartwatch see Navigating the M600.

Quick Settings menu

From the top of the home screen, you can pull down the Quick Settings menu where you'll find the following settings:

Airplane mode: tap to turn airplane mode on and off.

Theater mode: tap to turn display completely off.

Do not disturb mode: tap to silence notifications on your M600.

Settings: tap to open the Settings app.

Apps menu

The apps menu displays icons for all the apps in use on your M600.

To open the apps menu

  • Press the side power button.

To open and use apps

  • You can start using an app by tapping its icon in the apps menu.


  • You can also open an app when the home screen is active by saying "Ok Google, open (the app's name)".

See the Apps menu for more information about the default apps on your M600.