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You can use your M600 as a countdown timer.

To set a timer

  1. Press the side power button to open the apps menu, and find and tap Timer.
  2. Set the wanted minutes on the minutes circle. You can see the set minutes also in the center of the circle. Move to set the hour and the seconds by tapping the hours and seconds in the center of the circle.
  3. Tap the play icon to start the timer.

The timer opens on the screen.

To pause the timer

  • Tap the pause icon.

To restart the timer

  • Tap the play icon.

To reset the timer

If you want to begin the timer again:

  • Tap the restart icon in the pause mode.

To dismiss the timer

When the timer goes off, your M600 vibrates. To dismiss the timer when it vibrates:

  • Tap the stop icon, or swipe right.