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Polar app menu


This is where you start your training sessions. Open Training to see a list of the sport profiles that you have in the Polar app. This is where you can choose the sport you want to do.

You can edit the selection of sport profiles you see in the Polar app on your M600 either in the Polar Flow app or in the Polar Flow web service. In the mobile app menu, tap Sport profiles. Or go to, click your name in the upper right corner, and choose Sport profiles. In both the mobile app and the web service, you can add and remove sports and reorganize the list to keep your favorite sports easily accessible on your M600.

To start training, wait for your heart rate to appear next to the sport icon. If your chosen sport profile supports GPS-tracking, the GPS icon is also displayed. The green circle around the GPS will stop rotating when the GPS signal is found. Press the front button or tap the icon to choose the sport and the training session begins.

My day

You can see the progress of your daily activity on the home screen of your M600 when you use Polar's own watch faces, like the "Polar Jumbo". In My day you can see your daily activity in more detail and your training sessions for the day.

Open My day to see your activity status NOW. Here you'll see the percentage of how much you've achieved of your daily activity goal so far. Your progress is also visualized in the gradually filling activity bar. You'll also see the amount of steps you've taken, the distance you've covered so far and the calories you've burned.

Scroll the My day menu to see the training sessions you've done during the day and any planned training sessions you've created for the day in the Polar Flow web service or in the Polar Flow app. You can open the past sessions to view them in more detail.

If you wear your smartwatch at night, you can find also your sleep information from the previous night under My day. Tap the sleep card to see a more detailed sleep summary. Under the sleep card, you can rate your sleep. Tap the card with emoticons to open sleep rating options.

My Heart rate

Here you can quickly check your current heart rate without starting a training session. Just tighten the wristband, tap the icon and you'll see your current heart rate in a moment.

Swipe right to exit to the Polar app menu, or press the side power button to exit to the home screen.


Applicable only to Polar M600 paired with an iPhone

The Polar app in your M600 syncs your training and activity data with the Polar Flow app automatically after you've completed a training session. But if you don't train using the Polar app and want to see your activity data in the mobile app, you need to use the manual sync. You can do this by tapping the Sync icon. Your M600 displays Syncing during and Completed after a successful sync.

When the Polar app on your M600 syncs with the mobile app, your activity and training data are also synced automatically via an internet connection to the web service.