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Apps menu

The M600 includes the following default apps:

*Only on Polar M600 paired with an Android phone

You can download more smartwatch apps from the Google Play Store app on your Polar M600. To be able to use the Play Store app on your M600, you need to connect the smartwatch to a Wi-Fi network.

To get more apps

  1. Press the side power button on the active home screen to open the apps menu.
  2. Find and tap Play Store.
  3. Scroll the list of suggested apps, or tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the list to open search.
  4. Tap an app you want to install.
  5. Tap Install to start downloading the app to your M600.

See the Wear OS by Google Help page about Google apps that work with Wear OS by Google.

 Applicable only to Polar M600 paired with an Android phone

To see a list of recommended watch apps, open the Wear OS by Google app on your phone and scroll down to "Essential watch apps". You can tap MORE to go to Google Play Store and open a bigger selection of suggested apps that support Wear OS by Google.

Some of the apps you use on your paired Android phone might have an Wear OS by Google smartwatch version available: Open the Play Store app on your M600 and scroll to the bottom of the Home menu to find Apps on your phone > tap the app you'd like to use on your smartwatch > tap Install. After the installation, you can find the smartwatch version of the app from the apps menu on your M600. For any questions concerning these apps, please turn to the app developer.