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GPS features

The M600 has built-in GPS that provides accurate speed and distance measurement for a range of outdoor sports. When you train using the Polar app, you can see your route on a map in the Polar Flow app and web service after your session.

The M600 includes the following GPS features:

  • Altitude: Real-time altitude measurement.
  • Distance: Accurate distance during and after your session.
  • Speed/Pace: Accurate speed/pace information during and after your session.

Note that the GPS stops recording when the battery saver mode is on in your M600. The battery saver mode turns on automatically when the battery's charge drops to 5%.

Even if you aren' t measuring your heart rate from your wrist, for best GPS performance, wear the M600 on your wrist with the display facing up. Due to the location of the GPS antenna on the M600, it is not recommended to wear it with the display on the underside of your wrist. If you wear it on the handlebars of a bike, make sure the display is facing up.