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Music on the M600

Control music playing on your phone

You can control the music you're playing on your phone from the M600. When you start playing music on your phone, you'll see a music controls notification pop up on your M600 home screen. You can navigate and use the M600 as usual while the music is playing: Just press the side power button or swipe down the music controls to see your normal home screen. You can get back to the music controls notification by swiping up from the bottom of the home screen.

Music controls on your smartwatch

  • You can skip songs and pause and restart the music.
  • Tap the music controls notification and swipe up to be able to control the volume.
  • Depending on the music app you're using, you might be able to swipe up to get more options, like browse music and play your playlists.

See also how you can control music without exiting the Polar app while you’re training from chapter During training.