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Polar Sport profiles in Flow Web Service

There are seven default sport profiles in the Polar app on your M600. You can add and remove sports from the list in the Polar Flow web service. You can also define specific settings for each sport profile.

The Polar app on your M600 can contain a maximum of 20 sport profiles. If you have over 20 sport profiles in the web service, the first 20 in the list will sync to the Polar app. You can change the order of the sport profiles by dragging and dropping them in the Polar Flow web service.

To add a Sport profile

In the Polar Flow web service:

  1. Click your name/profile photo in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Sport Profiles.
  3. Click Add sport profile, and choose a sport from the list.

The sport is added to your sport list.

See more information on how to add and remove sport profiles in the Polar Flow app from Polar support pages.

To edit a Sport Profile

In the Polar Flow web service:

  1. Click your name/profile photo in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Sport Profiles.
  3. Click Edit under the sport you want to edit.

In each sport profile, you can edit the following information:


  • Automatic lap (Can be set to duration or distance-based or turned off)

Heart Rate

  • Heart rate view (Beats per minute or % of maximum)
  • Heart rate zone settings (With the heart rate zones you can easily select and monitor training intensities. If you choose Default, you cannot change heart rate limits. If you choose Free, all limits can be changed. Default heart rate zone limits are calculated from your maximum heart rate.)

Speed/Pace settings

  • Speed/Pace view (km/h or min/km)

Training views

Choose what information you see on your training views during your sessions. You can have a total of eight different training views for each sport profile. Each training view can have a maximum of four different data fields.

Click the pencil icon on an existing view to edit it, or add a new view. You can choose one to four items per view from six categories:



Body measurement




Time of day


Lap time

Last lap time

Last automatic lap time

Automatic lap time


Total ascent

Total descent

Lap ascent

Lap descent

Automatic lap ascent

Automatic lap descent

Heart rate

Average heart rate

Maximum heart rate

Lap HR avg

Lap HR max

Last lap HR avg


Last lap HR max

HR ZonePointer

Time in HR zone

Automatic lap HR avg

Automatic lap HR max

Last automatic lap HR avg

Last automatic lap HR max


Lap distance

Last lap distance

Automatic lap distance

Last automatic lap distance


Average speed/pace

Maximum speed/pace

Average lap speed/pace

Lap speed/pace max

Last lap speed/pace max

Automatic lap speed/pace avg

Automatic lap speed/pace max

Last automatic lap speed or pace

Last automatic lap speed max

Last lap speed/pace avg

Running/cycling cadence

Average running/cycling cadence

Lap running/cycling cadence

Lap running/cycling cadence max

Lap running/cycling cadence avg

Automatic lap running/cycling cadence avg

Running/cycling cadence max

Gestures and Feedback

  • Vibration feedback (on/off)

GPS and altitude

  • GPS recording rate (high accuracy/off)

When you're done editing the sport profile settings, click Save. Note that the changed settings have to be synced to the Polar app before you can use them. For more information, see Syncing.

Please note that in a number of indoor sports, group sports and team sports profiles the HR visible to other devices setting is enabled by default. This means that compatible devices using Bluetooth Smart wireless technology, e.g. gym equipment, can detect your heart rate. You can check which sport profiles have Bluetooth broadcasting enabled by default from the Polar Sport profiles list. You can enable or disable Bluetooth broadcasting from sport profile settings.