Polar Grit X2 Pro Titan

Polar Grit X2 Pro Titan 專為冒險而設計,是一款堅固耐用的戶外運動手錶,以鈦金屬外殼配合藍寶石玻璃 AMOLED 螢幕,以及全套以導航與表現追蹤為本的高科技功能,助您探索精彩世界,同時清晰了解自己的體能狀況。

Polar Grit X2 Pro

Polar Grit X2 Pro 專為冒險而設計,是一款堅固耐用的戶外運動手錶,配合藍寶石水晶玻璃 AMOLED 螢幕,以及全套以導航與表現追蹤為本的高科技功能,助您探索精彩世界,同時清晰了解自己的體能狀況。

Polar Vantage V3

集合了生物傳感器、AMOLED 螢幕、雙頻 GPS、地圖以及市場上最全面的訓練和恢復功能。舞台已經搭建完畢,Polar Vantage V3 智能運動手錶已準備一展讓人畢生難忘的表現。

Polar Ignite 3

時尚健身與健康追蹤手錶 Polar Ignite 3 助您投入躍動生活。它可追蹤您的睡眠、活動和心率,提供專為身體與生活方式度身訂造的指導。

Polar Pacer Pro

Polar Pacer Pro 是新一代超輕運動手錶,內置氣壓計,為運動員配備先進工具,幫助其改善跑步經濟性、訓練課和跑步表現。

Polar Pacer

運動就是快樂,何須如此複雜? Polar Pacer 是一款不折不扣的運動手錶,可為現代運動員提供一切必備功能,還提供他們所需的專門訓練工具,幫助他們提升訓練表現。

Polar Vantage V2

Polar Vantage V2 深度融合了極簡主義設計、創新技術和智慧訓練以及恢復工具,成為我們迄今為止最強大的運動手錶。

Polar Grit X Pro

採用藍寶石玻璃和超長續航力電池,具備軍用等級的耐用性,為您帶來全新導航工具、長期開啟的戶外功能,以及 Polar 的極致訓練解決方案。

Polar Vantage M2

專為功能而設,Polar Vantage M2 與您並肩作戰。我們採用領先業界的技術,助您達到目標,同時越戰越強。For that athlete attitude.

Polar Ignite 2

時尚、簡約、智能的健身手錶?Polar Ignite 2 完美展現這三大優勢。靈活多變,並且配備多項出色功能,它絕對是任何運動和生活方式的最佳拍檔。

Polar Ignite

Polar Ignite 健身防水手錶配備先進手腕式心率功能及內建 GPS,助您完整審視一天的活動,引導您建立更均衡的生活習慣。

Polar Unite


Polar Vantage M

全面多功能運動和跑步 GPS 手錶,協助您刷新個人紀錄。Polar Vantage M 是個纖薄輕巧的訓練夥伴,給您提升表現所需的一切數據。

Polar Grit X


Polar M430

Polar M430 配備手腕式心率測量功能、進階跑步輔助功能和 Polar 跑步計劃,是為希望更上一層樓的跑手設計的頂級 GPS 跑步手錶。

Polar Verity Sense

如果活動自由度是您最重視的元素,則無論是何種運動,Polar Verity Sense 都是您的不二之選。

Polar H10

它被廣泛認為是無線心率監測的黃金標準,是 Polar 有史以來最精確的傳感器。

Polar H9

可靠優質的心率胸帶,適合您所有的日常運動,並支援 Bluetooth® 和 ANT+ 連線功能。建立聯繫,運動隨心。

Polar OH1+

Polar OH1 光學心率監測器集百變用途、舒適觸感與簡約設計於一身。您可獨立使用,或透過連接 Bluetooth® 及 ANT+ 與各種健身應用程式、運動手錶及智能手錶配搭使用。




更換或升級您的 Polar 傳感器胸帶或臂帶。









Polar Grit X 戶外系列

Grit X 手錶專為戶外運動而設,可應對任何自然環境。Grit X 手錶旨在幫助您探索世界,為冒險旅途做好準備。

Polar Vantage 高效能系列

我們的旗艦系列專為高效能、耐力運動和訓練度身訂造。Vantage 手錶每一方面的設計都是為了運動愛好者而精心打造。

Polar Pacer 多項運動系列

Pacer 系列為運動員提供一切必備功能,例如準確的 GPS 定位和精確的心率追蹤,還提供他們所需的專門訓練、睡眠和恢復工具,幫助他們提升訓練表現。

Polar Ignite 健身與健康系列

時尚、簡單、智慧 – Ignite 手錶是任何健身目標和任何生活方式的完美拍檔。

FitSpark™ daily training guide ​The FitSpark™ training guide offers ready-made daily on-demand workouts available easily right on your watch. The workouts are built to match your fitness level, training history and your recovery and readiness, based on your Nightly Recharge status from the previous night. FitSpark gives you 2-4... Serene™ guided breathing exercise ​​​​​Serene™ is a guided deep breathing exercise that helps you manage stress by relaxing your body and mind. Deep and slow breathing elicits a relaxation response, the opposite bodily reaction to the stress response. Learning how to evoke this beneficial response is a great tool you can use to... Account already exists! Account already exists! notification is displayed if you already have created a Polar account in one of Polar’s web services with that email address.If you have forgotten or do not know your Polar account password, you can get it via the Have you forgotten your password? link in Polar Flow web... Android phone compatibility issues with Polar products There is plenty of variation between how different Android devices handle the technologies used in our products and services, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and different standards and protocols. Because of this compatibility varies between phone manufacturers, and from time to time we discover... Calibrating a Polar stride sensor with Grit X/Pacer/Vantage The calibration process is sport profile-specific. When running on different surfaces (e.g. road, trail), use a different sport profile for each of them to achieve the best calibration for each surface. Manual stride sensor calibrationManual calibration can be done in two ways. You can run a... Can I change the battery in my Polar device? Can I charge my Polar device with another kind of USB cable or via a wall outlet? Your Polar device (Grit X, Grit X Pro, Grit X2 Pro, Ignite, Ignite 2, Ignite 3, M430, Vantage M, Vantage M2, Vantage V, Vantage V Titan, Vantage V2, Vantage V3) can be charged via computer only with the custom USB cable that came in the box.When charging via a wall outlet, use a USB power adapter... Can I use Vantage M/Vantage V when swimming? Yes, your Vantage M/Vantage V is suitable for swimming.Your watch automatically measures your heart rate from your wrist with the new Polar Precision Prime sensor fusion technology, offering an easy and comfortable way to measure your heart rate while swimming. Although water may prevent the... Create a training target in the Polar Flow app To create a training target in the Polar Flow app:Go to Training, and click on top of the page.Then choose the type of your training target from the following: Favorite target Choose Favorite target.Choose one the existing favorite training targets or Add new favorite target.Tap on next to the... Does my Polar product contain nickel? Stainless steel is a combination of iron along with elements such as nickel and chromium. Adding these elements to the iron makes it much more durable and stops it from rusting. Many Polar products contain stainless steel in either the back case or the buckle. The stainless steel used by Polar has... Does my Polar watch sync with the Polar Flow app automatically? Your watch automatically syncs with the Polar Flow app once an hour if your phone is within the Bluetooth range. The automatic sync is done also when you finish a training session or change the settings on your watch.If the automatic sync doesn't work, please make sure that:The Polar Flow app... Editing your sleep in Polar Flow app You can adjust your sleep in the Flow app on your mobile phone and make the following changes:Change the sleep timing of detected sleep or revert to the originally detected sleepAdd new sleepDelete one sleep period at a time You can only adjust your sleep timing for data that's no older than... Firmware updates to Polar devices Polar offers a minimum of five years of product support service to its customers from the sales start of the product. Product support service includes necessary firmware updates to Polar devices and fixes for critical vulnerability as required. Polar constantly monitors the releases of known... Free Multisport sport profile – How does it work? In free multisport, you can choose what sports you perform, and in which order you perform them by selecting them from the sport list. You can also switch back and forth between sports. For example, you could start off by running, then switch to strength training, then to cycling and finish your... Get started with the Polar Running Program How to create a Polar Running Program The only thing you need to create a Polar Running program is a Polar account. Before creating a program, make sure all of your personal and physical information is correct in your Flow Settings. Also, when answering the physical activity level questions, make... Got a second hand Polar product? If you've purchased a second hand Polar product, you need to make sure the product is no longer tied to the Polar account of the previous owner. You can do that by doing a factory reset with the FlowSync software. For instructions on factory resetting your Polar OH1, follow the related article... Have you forgotten your password? If you have forgotten your Polar account password, you can get a new one as follows:Go to the Sign in menu and click Have you forgotten your password?Type in your email address.Click I’m not a robot and follow the instructions to confirm to confirm you are not a robot.Click Send. You’ll get an email... Heart rate based training Your heart rate data gives you an insight into your physical condition and helps you understand how your body responds to training. The information you receive is useful in fine-tuning your training plans, for example, the regularity and intensity of your training, and will help you reach your peak... Heart rate variability (HRV) data file export in the Flow Web Service Training sessions done with an ECG heart rate sensor contain a downloadable heart rate variability (HRV) data file. The data can be exported as a CSV file on the Training analysis page in the Flow Web Service. Please note that the HRV data export is not available in the following cases:Training... How can I change my email address in Polar Flow web service? You can change your e-mail address in Polar Account or in flow.polar.com.In flow.polar.com:Sign into the web service.Click your name on the upper right corner and select Settings.Click Change email.Type in your password and click Next.Enter your new email address twice in the appropriate... How can I change the language of Polar Flow web service? Polar flow web service is available in following languages: Czech, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.You can change the... How can I compare my training targets with training results? Now it’s possible to analyze whether or not you performed your training as you planned. Create a training target in Polar Flow, sync it to your Polar device, train according to the target following the guidance on your device and sync your training to Polar Flow. Your training result is... How can I edit sport profiles and training views in Polar Flow? The sport profiles feature lets you list all your favorite sports and define specific settings for each one of them. For example, you can create tailored training views for each sport you do and choose what data you want to see when you train: just your heart rate or just speed and distance –... How can I pair H9/H10 heart rate sensor with my Polar device? Follow these guidelines to pair H9/H10 heart rate sensor with your Polar device. Please refer to product specific user manuals for detailed pairing instructions. You need to moisten the heart rate sensor strap, and wear the heart rate sensor to be able to pair it with your Polar device or Polar Beat... How do I create a training target in Polar Flow web service? ​Whatever Polar product you use with Polar Flow web service, you can create detailed training targets to the web service to help you plan your training. The targets are shown in your Diary in Polar Flow. You can also add the targets to your favorites list and use them as templates when creating new... How do I create an account for Polar Flow web service? Polar Flow web service uses the same Polar account as other Polar web services.If you already have created an account by signing up for one of Polar's web services or mobile application, or when taking your product into use, your username and password are valid for Polar Flow web service as... How do I export individual training sessions from Polar Flow web service? You can choose either to export your training file as a GPX, TCX or CSV file, or to zip the files for faster download. In case you have a slow internet connection, we recommend you choose the compressed zip file for bigger training files to speed up the export.You can export the route of a training... How do I install Polar FlowSync on Mac? Go to flow.polar.com/start.Click Download for Mac. FlowSync starts downloading the installation package. This should only take a few minutes.After the download is completed, click the installation package icon on Downloads. The location of the installation package depends on your browser. The... How do I install Polar FlowSync on Windows computer? Go to https://flow.polar.com/startClick Download area to download the installation package to your computer.Run the installation package to install it to your computer.->Accept the license agreements and click Next.->Select the installation location on your computer, click Next and wait for... How do I maintain my Grit X/Pacer/Vantage in the best possible condition? Read the tips below to help you keep your watch in good condition.Keep your watch cleanWash the watch under running water with a mild soap and water solution after each training session. Wipe it dry with a soft towel before putting it back on. Keeping the watch clean and dry helps you avoid any skin... How do I pair my Grit X/Pacer/Vantage with the Polar Flow app? If you did the setup from the watch, your watch is not yet connected with Polar Flow. You need to setup your watch in the Polar Flow web service or with the Polar Flow mobile app before you can pair a mobile device with your watch. For instructions, see How do I start using my Grit X/Vantage? If you... How do I reset the Grit X/Pacer/Vantage? If you experience problems with your Grit X/Grit X Pro/Grit X2 Pro/Pacer/Pacer Pro/Vantage M/Vantage M2/Vantage V/Vantage V2/Vantage V3, you can try restarting it. Restarting the watch will not delete any of the settings or your personal data from the watch.To restart the watchOn your watch, go to... How do I start using my Grit X/Pacer/Vantage? To wake up and charge your watch, plug it into a powered USB port or a USB charger with the custom cable that came in the box. Grit X/Grit X Pro/Vantage M/Vantage M2/Vantage V/Vantage V2 The cable magnetically snaps into place, just make sure to align the ledge on the cable with the slot on your... How do I sync my Grit X/Pacer/Vantage with Flow service via FlowSync? Go to flow.polar.com/start, and download and install the FlowSync software. If you already have installed FlowSync, make sure that the FlowSync version is 3.0 or newer. Older FlowSync versions are not compatible with Grit X/Grit X Pro/Pacer/Pacer Pro/Vantage M/Vantage M2/Vantage V/Vantage V2. To... How do I sync my Grit X/Vantage with the Polar Flow app? Before syncing make sure:You have a Polar account and the Flow app downloaded and installed to your mobile deviceYour mobile device has Bluetooth turned on, and airplane mode/flight mode is not turned on.Airplane mode/flight mode is not turned on (on both your Polar device and mobile device)You have... How do I update the firmware of my Vantage? To keep your watch up to date and get the best performance, always make sure to update the firmware whenever a new version is available. The firmware updates are performed to improve the functionality of your watch through new features and improvements.Updating the firmware with a mobile device or... How should I wear my Polar device to get the most accurate heart rate readings from the wrist? (Video tutorial) How to Utilize Running Cadence in your Training What is cadence? Running cadence is calculated by counting the number steps you take per minute, and dividing it by two. For example, if your take 180 steps per minute counting both feet, your cadence is 90. Cadence is an important tool for assessing your running efficiency, and something that you... How to avoid skin irritation when wearing your Polar watch Polar devices with wrist-based heart rate measurement are meant to be worn throughout the day and during the night, however, in rare cases, users with sensitive skin might experience that their skin gets irritated either by the wrist strap buckle or the strap itself, or by the OHR sensor of the... How to build a workout with phases Simple four-phase workout In addition to the actual work phase, it’s good to include also a warm-up, a cool-down and some stretching to your workout—whatever your sport is. It maximizes the benefits of the workout and prevents injuries. So, in its simplest, a phased workout can be just those four... How to change the language on my Vantage M/Vantage V into Japanese or Simplified Chinese You can change the language of your watch from the Polar Flow web service:On your computer, sign into your Flow account at flow.polar.com.Go to Settings > General (drop-down menu next to your profile picture)Choose the device language from language drop down menu.Use FlowSync to sync new language... How to delete Polar Account You can close your Polar Account at https://account.polar.com/Closing your account deletes all of your training and personal data from our database permanently. Please note that closing your account will affect everything in your Polar Account including Polar Flow and newsletter registration. All of... How to disable power saving for the Polar Beat and Polar Flow Android apps Disabling power saving and all background restrictions for the Polar Flow / Beat app in your Android device might be necessary if you’re experiencing any of the issues listed below.Polar Flow:Automatic syncing is not working in the background or it is inconsistent.Polar device does not connect... How to download all your data from Polar Flow In case you want to download your personal data that has accumulated in the Polar Flow ecosystem, you can do it by following these steps.Go to https://account.polar.com and click Sign in.Authorize the access with your Polar account email address and password.Click Download your data on the menu on... How to use Grit X/Pacer/Vantage with Stryd running power meter Stryd is a third-party running power sensor that provides the following metrics to help analyze and develop your running performance: power, form power, elevation, cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, leg stiffness, pace and distance. For detailed instructions on setting up Stryd,... How to use Polar Balance scale with Polar Flow If the Polar Balance scale is not compatible with your Polar watch, it cannot be paired or used directly with them. However, you can register the Polar Balance scale to Polar Flow and use it that way.To register the Balance scale to your Flow accountGo to www.polar.com/flow and sign in with your... How to use ZoneLock (Grit X/Pacer/Vantage) ZoneLock lets you lock into the training zone (heart rate zone, speed/pace zone or power zone) you’re currently in on the fly. ZoneLock works with heart rate zones in all sport profiles and training views without any extra actions. With speed and power zones, first add the fullscreen speed and power... How to use your Polar product securely Polar offers a minimum of five years of product support service to its customers from the sales start of the product. Product support service includes necessary firmware updates to Polar devices and fixes for critical vulnerability as required. Polar constantly monitors the releases of known... I’ve made changes in the Polar Flow web service/app, but I can’t see them on my Polar device If you change settings, create or update sport profiles, create training targets or add favorites in the Polar Flow web service or Polar Flow app, you need to sync the changes to your Polar device.You have two ways to sync the changed settings to your Polar device:Sync via FlowSyncIf you make the... Manage Favorites and training targets in Polar Flow Favorites in Polar Flow web serviceClick the Favorites icon on the menu bar on top of the page to enter your Favorites page.Here you can manage the favorites for each Polar device you have registered on your Polar account.1. On the left side of the page, you manage all your routes and... Minimizing risks when training Health and trainingTraining may include some risk. Before beginning a regular training program, it is recommended that you answer the following questions concerning your health status. If you answer yes to any of these questions, we recommend that you consult a doctor before starting any training... My Grit X/Pacer/Vantage is not charging Restart your watch On your watch, go to General settings > About your watch > Restart your watch. Press the OK button and then press OK again to confirm the restart. Restarting the watch will not delete any of the settings or your personal data from the watch. You can also restart your watch... New Polar Flow sport profiles We have added new sport profiles in Flow. They are freely available in the Flow web service and in the Flow app. Check the related support document on how to add the new sport profiles to your Polar device.The new sport profiles are:Car racingClimbing (outdoor)Cross-country runningCurlingElectric... Nightly Recharge™ FAQs After how many nights will I get the feedback? You get your Nightly Recharge status after three nights (three successful measurements). This is how long it takes to establish your usual level. Before you get your Nightly Recharge you can view your sleep and ANS measurement details (heart rate, heart... Nightly Recharge™ recovery measurement ​Nightly Recharge™ is an overnight recovery measurement that shows how well your body has coped with overall stress you have experienced lately. Overall stress can come from different sources including work, family, relationships, environment, lifestyle, training etc. Your body does not... Pacemaker and Polar products Persons who have a pacemaker use Polar devices at their own risk. Consult your doctor before starting exercise with a heart rate monitor. Pairing Polar device with Flow app fails If Polar Flow app doesn’t find your Polar device, check that:There's enough battery both in your Polar device and your mobile device.Your Polar device is up to date.Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile settings.Airplane mode/flight mode is not turned on (on both your Polar device and mobile... Phone Notifications The phone notifications feature allows you to get alerts about incoming calls, messages and notifications from apps onto your watch. You’ll get the same notifications on your watch that you get on your phone screen. Phone notifications are available for iOS and Android phones.To use phone... Planning to sell your Polar product? If you’re selling your Polar product, you need to remove the Polar product connection to your Polar account and delete the saved data on your Polar product. You can do that by doing a factory reset with the FlowSync software, and removing the product from your Registered products list in the Polar... Polar Flow Season Planner With Polar Flow Season Planner you can plan and customize the training season you want. The best way to learn it is to try it out and create a new season. You can edit the plan after you've created it.Divide your training sessions into periodsSet weekly volumes by duration or distance targets,... Polar Flow Sport Profiles Please note that in a number of indoor sports, group sports and team sports profiles the HR visible to other devices setting is enabled by default. This means that compatible devices using Bluetooth Smart wireless technology, e.g. gym equipment, can detect your heart rate. You can also use your... Polar Flow app and compatible devices If you're using an older Polar product (M400, M460 or V650), you need to register it in the Polar Flow web service on your computer before it can be paired with the Polar Flow mobile app. Polar devices and mobile platformsPolar devices work with most modern smartphones. Here are the minimum... Polar Payment Wristband Polar Running Program Training for an event, and want to know how, how much and how often you should train? Whether you’re training for a 5k run or a marathon, Polar Running Program will help you get ready, and coach you all the way to the finish line.Every runner is unique, and so is each Polar Running Program. It’s a... Polar Running Program FAQs What is the Polar Running Program based on? It is based on training in the right heart rate zone, and the science behind the Polar Heart Rate Zones is the cornerstone of the program. The program gives you a training plan for your target event based on your personal attributes, training background... Polar Sleep Plus™ FAQs How does Polar Sleep Plus™ detect when I fall asleep, and when I’m sleeping? Sleep Plus automatically detects when you fall asleep, and when you’re sleeping based on the movements of your non-dominant hand with a built-in 3D accelerometer in your Polar device. You do not need to activate a separate... Polar SleepWise™ Polar SleepWiseTM shows how your recent sleep boosts your daytime alertness level and readiness to perform. This is what we call Boost from sleep. In addition to the amount and quality of your recent sleep, we also take the effect of sleep rhythm into account by looking how well your sleep-wake... Polar tests - Which one is for me? If you're a pro athlete, knowing your VO2max as precisely as possible is important. If you enjoy leisurely bike rides on Sunday mornings occasionally and go to the gym every now and then, there's probably no point in taking a lab test or an all-out field test.To make sure that your results... Race Pace (Grit X/Pacer/Vantage) The race pace feature helps you keep a steady pace and achieve your target time for a set distance. Define a target time for the distance - 45 minutes for a 10k run for example and follow how far behind or ahead you are compared to your pre-set target.Race pace can be set on your Grit X/Vantage, or... Running Power With Grit X/Grit X Pro/Grit X2 Pro/Pacer Pro/Vantage V/Vantage V2/Vantage V3 running power from the wrist is calculated without any external sensors. With Pacer/Vantage M/Vantage M2 an external power sensor is required to measure running power. What is running power?Running power in the simplest... Screen protectors and GPS performance Using screen protectors can affect the GPS performance of your watch. We recommend avoiding using them to make sure you get the most accurate GPS data possible. Serene FAQs How often should I perform the breathing exercise? What duration should I aim for? Daily practice gives you the best results. At first, 5 to 10 minutes is a reasonable goal, but you should aim for 15 to 20 minutes. I might hyperventilate during the exercise. What can I do to avoid this? When... Sleep Plus Stages™ FAQs How does Polar Sleep Plus Stages™ detect when I fall asleep, and when I’m sleeping? Sleep Plus Stages automatically detects when you fall asleep, and when you’re sleeping based on the movements of your non-dominant hand with a built-in the 3D accelerometer in your Polar device. You do not need to... Sleep Plus Stages™ sleep tracking ​Sleep Plus Stages automatically tracks the amount and quality of your sleep and shows you how long you spent in each sleep stage. It gathers your sleep time and sleep quality components into one easily glanceable value, sleep score. Sleep score tells you how well you slept compared to the... Speed and distance from the wrist with GPS calibration Your Polar device can measure speed and distance from your wrist movements with a built-in accelerometer. This feature is handy when running indoors on a treadmill for example, or just in places where GPS is not always available such as in valleys, around tall buildings or under tree cover. Note... Swimming metrics Swimming metrics help you analyze each swimming session, and follow your performance and progress in the long run. Pool swimming When using the Swimming or Pool swimming profile, the watch identifies your swimming style and records your swim distance, time and pace, stroke rate and rest times. In... Syncing data between Grit X/Pacer/Vantage and Polar Flow app fails If your Polar Grit X/Grit X Pro/Pacer/Pacer Pro/Vantage M/Vantage M2/Vantage V/Vantage V2/Vantage V3 fails to sync with the Polar Flow app, please go through the following checklist first:iOS:Make sure the app and watch are both up to date: Check from the App store that you’ve got the latest version... Syncing data between Grit X/Pacer/Vantage and Polar FlowSync fails If FlowSync doesn’t start syncing your watch, try the below steps, one at a time, and then try syncing your watch again. Check that the charging contacts of your watch and cable are clean If your watch doesn’t charge properly, or if it doesn’t connect to FlowSync, it could be because the charging... The display of my Polar watch is broken Worn-out third-party screen protectors can cause problems to the normal operation of your Polar watch's display or make you think that the display of your Polar watch is broken. Please check if the third-party screen protector is causing the problem, before you send your watch to the Polar... The what and how of Polar 24/7 activity tracking Why should I be active on a daily basis? Simply put, our bodies are designed to move. It's widely known that physical activity is a major factor in maintaining health. In addition to being physically active, it's important to avoid prolonged sitting. Yet, more and more of us are spending a... The what and how of Polar Fitness test What is Fitness Test? The Polar Fitness Test with wrist-based heart rate is an easy, safe and quick way to estimate your aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness at rest. It's a simple 5-minute fitness level assessment that gives you an estimate of your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max). The Fitness Test... The what and how of Polar Sleep Plus™ What is Polar Sleep Plus™ and how it works Polar Sleep Plus™ is a feature that lets you know how much and how well you’ve slept. It’s an easy way to track your sleep and learn more about your sleeping habits and sleep quality. Feedback and detailed sleep insights guide you towards better sleeping... The what and how of Polar's Continuous Heart Rate Make sure to check below if you need to turn the Continuous Heart Rate tracking on manually on your Polar device before you can start to use the feature! Polar products with Continuous Heart Rate tracking are meant to be worn 24/7. To keep your device and your skin in good condition follow our easy... The what and how of Polar's wrist-based heart rate measurement What are the benefits of wearing a device with wrist-based heart rate measurement? Wearing a device with the wrist-based heart rate measurement feature is the most convenient and easy way to measure your heart rate while you’re working out. You don’t have to wear a separate chest strap to track your... The what and how of Running Index What is Running Index? If you’re looking to keep on top of your running performance you’ll find this feature a big help. Regular use over time allows you to see how efficient your running is. Your Running Index score is calculated automatically after every run, based on your heart rate and from the... The what and how of speed and pace zones What are speed and pace zones? Speed and pace zones are a new way of guiding the efficiency of your training during sessions. They work just like heart rate zones, however the intensity of your training is based on your speed or pace, rather than your heart rate. They provide an easy way to choose... Training Benefit feature ​Training Benefit gives you textual feedback on the effect of each training session helping you to better understand the effectiveness of your training. You can see the feedback in Flow web service, Flow app and Beat app. To get the feedback, you need to have trained at least a total of 10 minutes... Training Load Pro When you train, the different systems of your body get strained. With Training Load Pro, you get a holistic view on how your training sessions strain these different systems and how it affects your performance. Training Load Pro gives you a training load for both your cardiovascular and your... Troubleshooting Grit X/Pacer/Vantage setup Having trouble setting up your watch with your mobile?If you're having trouble setting up your watch with your mobile device and the Polar Flow mobile app, make sure:Your mobile device is compatible with the Polar Flow app.You have the latest version of the Polar Flow app downloaded from Google... Troubleshooting Phone notifications (Android) After enabling Phone notifications and syncing your Polar Grit X/Polar Ignite/Polar Vantage, all notifications shown on your Android mobile device’s lock screen will appear on your watch.If you are having trouble getting phone notifications to work, try the steps below. Check that:Phone... Troubleshooting Phone notifications (iOS) After enabling Phone notifications and syncing your Polar Grit X/Polar Ignite/Polar Vantage, all notifications on your iOS mobile device will appear on your watch if the notifications are enabled and the Notification Center setting is enabled in the app-specific Notification settings (e.g. Settings... Troubleshooting Polar FlowSync If you have problems using Polar FlowSync, please check the following troubleshooting tips. If the tips do not help, send the FlowSync log file with a detailed problem description to Polar Customer Care. Unable to start FlowSync. Start FlowSync manually from [install location] or reinstall FlowSync... Troubleshooting Polar Sleep Plus Stages™ ​The sleep tracking in your Polar watch is fully automatic. The Sleep Plus Stages measurement is based on recording the movements of your non-dominant hand with a built-in 3D acceleration sensor and recording your heart’s beat-to-beat interval data from your wrist with an optical heart rate sensor.... Troubleshooting Polar Sleep Plus™ The sleep detection in your Polar device is fully automatic. It’s based on recording the movements of your non-dominant hand with a built-in 3D acceleration sensor. Although we, and others, have found the Sleep Plus algorithm pretty accurate, it's important to acknowledge the challenges of the... Troubleshooting a Polar watch with built-in GPS (GNSS) Make sure GPS recording is set on:Set GPS recording on in the sport profile settings in the Flow app or web service. Remember to sync the settings to your watch.M400/M430: On your watch, go to Settings > Sport Profiles, choose the sport and set GPS recording on.Check the expiry date for the... Troubleshooting optical heart rate measurement Are you wearing your Polar device correctly? To be able to get reliable heart rate measurements from your wrist, make sure that you wear the Polar device correctly:Wear the Polar device on top of your wrist, at least a finger’s width up from the wrist bone (see the picture below).Tighten the... Vantage M/Vantage V GPS settings From firmware version 4.0.11 onwards you can change the satellite navigation system your watch uses in addition to GPS. The setting is located on your watch in General settings > Positioning satellites. You can choose GPS + GLONASS, GPS + Galileo or GPS + QZSS. The default setting is GPS +... Vantage V and Vantage M activity tracking update (firmware update 3.2.10) Even though Vantage is a pro-level watch series, we’ve noticed that reaching the daily activity goal has been too hard at times and may have required more effort than it should have. We’ve tweaked the activity tracking algorithm, and after updating the firmware of your Vantage to 3.2.10 you should... Water resistance of Polar products Polar products can be worn when swimming. They are not, however, diving instruments. Wear and care instructions for Polar devices with wrist-based heart rate measurement Polar devices with wrist-based heart rate measurement are meant to be worn throughout the day and during the night. To help you get the most out of your device, we’ve put together a few tips to keep your wearable working reliably, looking and feeling good and to keep the skin on your arm in good... Wear and care of your leather wristband Like you, your leather band needs care and attention to help it stay in the best possible condition. Leather bands are best suited for everyday activities and casual wear. When training we recommend using bands made from other materials such as FKM (fluoroelastomer) or silicon if possible. The... What affects the accuracy of speed and distance measurement from the wrist? Running formThe built-in accelerometer estimates speed and distance based on your wrist movements, so your running form, especially the way you swing your arms, is a key factor in the calculation.Generally, this feature works best when running at a pace that feels natural and comfortable for you.... What are heart rate zones? Heart rate zonesJust like your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate, your heart rate zone limits are individual, and this is why they’re generally defined as percentages of your maximum heart rate.Heart rate zone 1 – Very light: 50-60% of HR maxTraining in zone 1 improves your overall health... What are the pros and cons of different methods for measuring heart rate? Polar uses two different methods for measuring heart rate: optical heart rate measurement and a heart rate sensor with a chest strap.The optical heart rate measurement is based on photoplethysmography (PPG), whereas the heart rate sensor with a chest strap measures the electrical activity of your... What are the technical requirements for using Polar Flow web service? To get the best site experience, we recommend using the latest version of one of the following browsers.ChromeFirefoxSafariMicrosoft EdgeTo get the best and the most secure Polar Flow experience, we recommend you use the latest version of a supported browser. If you use other desktop browsers,... What are the technical requirements for using Polar FlowSync software? ​​To use FlowSync you need a computer with Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac operating system. Download the newest version from https://flow.polar.com/start.FlowSync is compatible with the following operating systems:Mac OS64-bitV650macOS 10.13 High SierraXXmacOS 10.14 MojaveXXmacOS 10.15... What is Assisted GPS (A-GPS)? How does it work? The Polar devices listed in the 'Applies to' section use Assisted GPS (A-GPS) to acquire a fast satellite fix. The A-GPS data tells your Polar device the predicted positions of the GPS satellites. This way the Polar device knows where to search for the satellites and thus is able to... What is GNSS? The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency defines GNSS on their website as follows:"Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) refers to a constellation of satellites providing signals from space that transmit positioning and timing data to GNSS receivers. The receivers then use... What is the lifespan of the rechargeable battery in my Polar watch? Rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan, which depends on several factors, including battery technology, operating conditions, charging habits, and how the watch is used and cared for. Over time, rechargeable batteries gradually wear out, and their capacity decreases. The average lifespan of... What sensors and accessories is my Polar device compatible with? Compatible heart rate sensors H9H10OH1Verity Sense GymLink Bluetooth® GymLink Bluetooth®Bluetooth®Bluetooth®A370xxxxGrit XxxxxGrit X ProxxxxGrit X2 ProxxxxIgnitexxxxIgnite 2xxxxIgnite 3xxxxM200xxxxM400xxxxM430xxxxM460xxxxPacerxxxxPacer ProxxxxUnitexxxxV650xxxxVantage MxxxxVantage M2xxxxVantage... Where can I find the serial number/device id of my Polar device? You can find the device ID from:the Settings menu of your Polar device orthe Devices menu in Polar Flow app orthe Products menu in Polar Flow web service.The serial number and device ID are also printed on the device itself. Check the list below to see where they’re located on your device. Serial... Which products are compatible with Polar Flow web service? Polar Flow is an important part of the Polar ecosystem for our newest devices and all future products.At the moment Polar Flow is compatible with:Grit XGrit X ProGrit X2 ProIgniteIgnite 2Ignite 3M200M400M430M460OH1 optical heart rate sensorPacerPacer ProPolar Beat appUniteV650Vantage MVantage... Which third-party power sensors are compatible with Grit X/Pacer/Vantage? In addition to a number of Polar sensors your watch is compatible with several third-party sensors. This document lists the third-party cycling sensors that can be used with Grit X/Vantage, as well as the supported metrics for each sensor.The metrics marked with (X) are supported by Grit... Why does my activity accumulate differently with my new Polar device with Continuous Heart Rate feature compared to my older Polar device? The Continuous Heart Rate feature complements the 24/7 Activity Tracking feature of Polar devices. While the 24 /7 Activity Tracking feature records your wrist movements to track your activity, the Continuous Heart Rate feature also tracks your heart rate around the clock in order to give you an...

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