Vantage V and Vantage M activity tracking update (firmware update 3.2.10)

Even though Vantage is a pro-level watch series, we’ve noticed that reaching the daily activity goal has been too hard at times and may have required more effort than it should have. We’ve tweaked the activity tracking algorithm, and after updating the firmware of your Vantage to 3.2.10 you should notice your accumulated activity will better reflect how active you’ve been during your day and reaching your activity goal should be easier.

In addition, make sure you have the Polar Flow app version 4.1.2 or newer for iOS or Android so that the activity calculation will be in line on both your watch and the app. The activity guidance given in the Flow web service and app (e.g., walk for 1 hour or run for 25 minutes to reach your activity goal) is also more accurate now, so following it will now get you to your daily goal.

After using the updated feature for a while you’ll get a feel on how the new activity tracking algorithm works for you. If you feel reaching your goal is too easy or too demanding, check if your daily activity goal level (level 1,2 or 3) needs to be updated.

To make sure the activity tracking feature works in the best possible way:

  • Check your personal details (age, weight etc.) from your watch or the Flow web service or app, and make sure they are up to date.
  • Check your daily activity goal level (1,2, or 3) from the Flow web service or app. Open the Flow app, tap your name/profile photo in the menu view, and swipe down to Activity goal. Or go to and sign in, then click your name/profile photo > Settings > Activity goal.

To learn more about the 24/7 activity tracking feature and the daily activity goal, see The what and how of Polar 24/7 activity tracking

If you use Continuous heart rate feature it is important that you’ve set your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate correctly as they have an impact on your activity accumulation. For more information about the Continuous heart rate feature see The what and how of Polar's Continuous Heart Rate

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