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Polar LOOK Kéo Power Sensor Bluetooth® Smart

Truly develop your cycling performance and technique. Perfect for ambitious cyclists, this system uses Bluetooth® Smart technology and consumes only a little energy.

  • Gives instant feedback by measuring accurate power output in watts
  • Displays your left and right balance as well as the current and average cadence
  • Shows how you use force against the pedal with the force vector feature
  • Easy to set up and switch between bikes

Pair Kéo Power with V650

Before pairing Kéo Power make sure you have installed it correctly. For information on mounting the pedals and installing the transmitters see the Polar LOOK Kéo Power user manual that came in the product box, or the video tutorial.

The transmitters need to be paired one at a time. This means that you have to perform the pairing twice when taking Kéo Power into use. After pairing the first transmitter, you can immediately pair the second one by selecting it from the list. Check the device ID on the backside of each transmitter to make sure you find the correct transmitters from the list.

1. Go to General Settings > Pairing > Pair new device. The V650 should be less than three meters from the sensor you want to pair it with. It's close enough when it's mounted on the handlebar.

2. Rotate the cranks to wake up the transmitters. A blinking magenta light in the sensor indicates that you've activated the sensor.

Do the pairing within 30 seconds of the sensor activation.

3. V650 lists the devices it finds. The device closest to V650 is at the top of the list. Tap the device you want to pair.

4. Pairing succeeded tells you that the pairing is complete.

5. Link the sensor to Bike 1, Bike 2, Bike 3 or Bike 4. You can change the bike later in Paired devices.

6. Set the crank length in millimeters. Confirm and return to the PAIRING menu by tapping

When you select a bike for a ride, your V650 automatically starts searching for the sensors you've linked to the bike. V650 is ready once the green circle around the sensor indicator is static.

Power Settings on V650

Adjust the power settings to best suit your training needs. Edit the power settings in Settings > Sport profiles, and choose the profile you want to edit, and choose Power settings.

In the Power settings you'll find:

  • Power view: Choose W (Watts), W/kg (Watts/kg) or FTP % (% of FTP).
  • FTP (W): Set your FTP value. The range is 60 to 600 watts.
  • Power, rolling average: Choose 3, 10 or 30 second rolling average of power data, or choose Set other to set the rolling average to any value between 1-99 sec.
  • Power zones: View and change the power zone limits.

Calibrate Kéo Power

Calibrate Kéo Power before starting your session. V650 starts the calibration automatically each time the transmitters wake up and V650 is found. The calibration takes a couple of seconds.

The temperature of your training environment affects calibration accuracy. If you're going to train outdoors, for example, take your bike outdoors half an hour before doing the offset calibration. (This way your bike's temperature is about the same as that of your training environment.)

To calibrate Kéo power:

  1. Choose the bike to which the sensor is linked and return to the main view by tapping . Keep V650 in the main view during the calibration.
  2. Wake up the transmitters by rotating the cranks to start the calibration.
  3. Keep the bike upright and cranks in place until calibration is completed.

To ensure the calibration is done properly:

  • Do not put any weight on the pedals during calibration.
  • Do not interrupt the calibration.

When the calibration is complete a green LED will blink on the transmitters, and you can start your session.