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Start a Training Session


Choose profile and bike for the ride

Go to PROFILE to choose Road biking, Mountain biking, Indoor cycling or Other.Choose Bike 1, Bike 2, Bike 3 or Bike 4.

If you have turned on GPS in the profile you chose, the V650 automatically starts searching for the GPS satellite signals. Keep your V650 still with the display facing upwards during the search. It typically takes 30-60 seconds the first time. In future it should take only a few seconds. The V650 has found the GPS satellite signals once the green circle around GPS is static.

If you have linked a sensor to the bike, your V650 starts searching for signals from the sensors. The green circle around the sensor indicator is flashing during the search. V650 is ready once the green circle around the sensor indicator is static. Press the front button to begin your ride or continue with the selection of the route.

  1. GPS
  2. Heart rate sensor
  3. Power sensor
  4. Cadence sensor
  5. Speed sensor

After finding the satellites, the V650 calibrates the altitude. Altitude calibration complete tells you that the calibration is ready. To make sure that the altitude remains accurate, calibrate your V650 manually whenever a reliable reference, such as a peak or a topographic map, is available or when at sea level. To calibrate manually, press the side button and choose Calibrate altitude. Then, set the altitude of your current location.

Start A Training Session with Route Guidance

Go to ROUTES to see a list of the routes you've added to favorites in the Flow web service and synced to your V650. Choose the route for your next training session by tapping on the circle on the left side of the route name. Tapping on a route tile brings up a preview of the route.

Return to main view by tapping . The chosen route is shown in the ROUTES tile. Press the front button to begin your ride.

For more information on route guidance, and for instructions on adding routes to your V650, see Route Guidance.