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Button Functions During Training

Side Button Functions

  • Change the training view with a short button press.
  • Press and hold to view the side menu, or, when the display is locked, press and hold to unlock the display.
  • Press and hold for eight seconds to turn V650 off.

In heavy rainfall the rain drops may interfere with the touch screen functions. We recommend locking the display from the side button menu to prevent this.

Front Button Functions

  • Take a lap with a short button press.

    The FRONT BUTTON TAKES LAP function must be set on. By default, the function is on. You can set the function on or off in Settings > Sport profiles (choose the profile you want to edit to view the settings) .

  • Press and hold to pause recording. To stop the training session, press and hold STOP for three seconds.

Touchscreen Functions

  • Swipe across the screen to change the training views.
  • The red triangle at the bottom right corner of a data field indicates that you can quickly toggle the information shown, from speed to average speed, for example.
  • Swipe down to open the pull-down menu. There you can adjust the front light, the training sounds and the display brightness.