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Route Guidance

The route guidance feature guides you along routes that you have recorded in previous sessions or routes that other Flow web service users have recorded and shared.

Adding a Route to V650

To add a route to your V650, you must first add it to your Favorites list in the Flow web service, and then sync it to your V650.

  1. When viewing a route in the analysis view, click the favorites icon in the lower right corner of the map.
  2. Name the route, and choose Save.
  3. The route is added to your Favorites list.
  4. Sync the route to your V650.

The number of favorites in the Flow web service is not limited, but your V650 can have a maximum of 20 routes at a time. If you have over 20 favorites on your Favorites list, only the routes that are among the first 20 favorites are transferred to your V650 when syncing. To sync a route that is not among the first 20 favorites, change the order of your favorites by dragging and dropping them. If you want to remove a route from the favorites list, click the delete icon in upper right corner of the route.

Guidance on the Display

  • The red map pointer shows your location and the direction you are heading.
  • The red line shows the route to be followed.
  • The green circle shows the route start point, and the red circle shows the finish point.
  • The blue line shows your current route.

For information on starting a session with route guidance, see Start a Training Session.