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Sport Profile Settings

To view or modify sport profile settings, go to Settings > Sport profiles and choose the profile you want to edit.

You'll find the following settings for each profile:

  • Training views
  • HR view
  • Speed view
  • Training sounds
  • GPS
  • Automatic pause
  • Automatic lap
  • Front button takes lap
  • HR zones
  • Power settings

Tap to open the setting you want to change, and edit as you like. Confirm and return to previous menu by tapping .

In certain settings (e.g. Training sounds), tap the field until you see the correct value.

Training views

You can choose to have up to six training views for each profile, each training view containing up to eight items. In addition, you can active the following views: Lap view, AUTOMATIC LAP VIEW and Map view.

  1. Tick the box on the left side of the display to activate View 1, View 2, View 3, View 4, View 5 or View 6.
  2. Tap the view you want to edit.
  3. Choose the layout for the view. There are many layout options; simply swipe left or right until you see a layout you like.
  4. If you want to change an item, tap it and choose a new item from the list. The content of the list varies slightly between different layouts. This is because some of the items (e.g. graphs) don't fit in all the layouts. You can find a complete list of available items in Training Views.
  5. When the layout is complete, confirm and return to the TRAINING VIEWS menu by tapping .
  6. If you want to set more training views for the profile, repeat the steps 1-5 .
  7. To set Lap view on, tick the box in the Lap view field.
  8. Tap in TRAINING VIEWS menu to save your changes.

HR view

Choose % (percent of maximum heart rate) or bpm (beats per minute).

Speed View

Choose km/h or min/km.

Training sounds

Choose Mute, Soft, Loud and Very loud.


Set GPS function On/Off.

Automatic pause

Tick the box to turn the function on.

Tap Activation speed to set the speed at which recording is paused.

Automatic lap

Tick the box to turn the function on, then set the automatic lap Duration or Distance.

Front button takes lap

Set the function On/Off. If you set the function on, pressing the front button takes a lap when you're recording a session.

By default, the function is on in Road cycling, Mountain biking and Indoor cycling.

Pressing and holding the front button pauses recording.

HR zones

View and change the heart rate zone limits.

Power settings

In the Power settings you'll find:

  • Power view: Choose W (Watts), W/kg (Watts/kg) or FTP % (% of FTP).
  • FTP (W): Set your FTP value. The range is 60 to 600 watts.
  • Power, rolling average: Choose 3, 10 or 30 second rolling average of power data, or choose Set other to set the rolling average to any value between 1-99 sec.
  • Power zones: View and change the power zone limits.