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After each training session, you'll get an instant summary of your session.The summary includes:

  • Duration of your session
  • Distance
  • Average and maximum heart rate
  • Average and maximum speed/pace
  • Altitude-compensated calories and fat burn % of calories
  • Training Benefit: Textual feedback, for example Steady state training+, is displayed if you trained at least a total of 10 minutes in the sport zones. For more information, see Training Benefit.
  • Time spent on each heart rate zone
  • Average and maximum cadence
  • Ascent and descent

  • Maximum altitude
  • Average and maximum power output
  • Average and maximum W/KG (power to weight ratio)
  • Average pedaling power distribution between left and right foot in percentage
  • Your route on a map

Lap details

  • Lap number and time
  • Distance
  • Average heart rate
  • Average speed
  • Average cadence
  • Average power

To view your training summary later, go to HISTORY > Sessions.