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Polar Speed Sensor Bluetooth® Smart

There are a range of factors that can affect your cycling speed. Obviously fitness is one of them, however, weather conditions and the varying gradients of the road play a huge part too. The most advanced way of measuring how these factors affect your performance speed is with the aerodynamic speed sensor.

  • Measures your current, average and maximum speeds
  • Track your average speed to see your progress and performance improve
  • Light yet tough, and easy to attach

Pair Speed sensor with V650

Make sure the speed sensor has been correctly installed. For more information on installing the speed sensor refer to the user manual of the speed sensor.

1. Go to General Settings > Pairing > Pair new device. The V650 should be less than three meters from the sensor you want to pair. It's close enough when it's mounted on the handlebar.

2. Activate the sensor you want to pair. Rotate the wheel a few times to activate the sensor. The flashing red light in the sensor indicates that you've activated the sensor.

Do the pairing within 30 seconds of the sensor activation.

3. V650 lists the devices it finds. The device closest to V650 is at the top of the list. Tap the device you want to pair.

4. Pairing succeeded tells you that the pairing is complete.

5. Link the sensor to Bike 1, Bike 2, Bike 3 or Bike 4. You can change the bike later in Paired devices.

6. Set the wheel size. Confirm and return to the PAIRING menu by tapping

When you select a bike for a ride, your V650 automatically starts searching for the sensors you've linked to the bike. V650 is ready once the green circle around the sensor indicator is static.