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The V650 saves the summary of your ride in HISTORY > Sessions. There you can see a list of your sessions with the following information: date, start time, profile and bike.

  • Tap a session to open its summary. Browse the summary by swiping left or right.
  • Tap and hold to delete a session.

For deeper analysis, transfer your training history to the Polar Flow web service with the USB cable and FlowSync software. The web service offers various options to analyze the data with.


To view your training totals go to HISTORY > Totals.

Totals includes cumulative information recorded during training sessions since the last reset:

  • Time frame
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Distance ridden on Bike 1, Bike 2, Bike 3 and Bike 4

Tap the field to reset totals. Bike totals need to be reset separately.

The values are updated automatically when you stop recording.

Use the total values file as a seasonal or monthly counter of riding data.