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Polar Heart rate Sensor Bluetooth® Smart

Polar heart rate sensor consists of comfortable strap and connector. It detects your heart rate accurately and sends the data to the V650 in real time.

Heart rate data gives you an insight into your physical condition and how your body responds to training. Although there are many subjective clues as to how your body is doing during exercise (perceived exertion, breathing rate, physical sensations), none is as reliable as measuring heart rate. It is objective and is affected by both internal and external factors - meaning you will have a dependable measure of your physical state.

Pair a Heart Rate Sensor with V650

  1. Wear your heart rate sensor as instructed in Wear the Heart Rate Sensor and go to Settings > General Settings > Pairing > Pair new device.
  2. V650 lists the devices it finds. Tap the one you want to pair.
  3. Pairing succeeded tells you that the pairing is complete.