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Menu and Functions

Menu Items

  1. PULL-DOWN MENU: Swipe down to open the pull-down menu. There you can adjust the front light, the training sounds and the display brightness.
  2. HISTORY: See the details of your sessions and the totals of your cycling history.
  3. SETTINGS: Modify the settings to suit your needs.
  4. FAVORITES: Enable Strava Live Segments® or choose a route for your ride. Add segments you’ve downloaded from Strava and routes to your Favorites in the Flow web service and sync them to your V650.
  5. PROFILE: Choose the profile and the bike for your ride.
  6. The indicators displayed at the bottom of the display provide information about the status of the sensors.

Button Functions

There is one physical button on the side of the V650 and another button on the front.

Press the side button (1) to view the following options:

  • TURN OFF V650

Press the front button (2) to start recording, press and hold it to pause.

Take lap with a regular press. See Sport Profile settings for instructions on setting FRONT BUTTON TAKES LAP function on/off.

Touch Screen Functions


  • Open what you tap.
  • Choose an item.
  • Confirm and return to the previous level by tapping .
  • Continue further by tapping .

Swipe right or left

  • Switch training views during training.
  • Browse training view layouts in sport profile settings.
  • Scroll details of your riding session in HISTORY.

Swipe down from the top edge of the screen

Open the pull-down menu. There you can adjust the frontlight, the training sounds and the display brightness.

Swipe up or down

Scroll through what’s on the screen.