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M460 compatibility with TrainingPeaks

TrainingPeaks® is a coaching and analyzing platform for endurance training. It provides a web service, desktop software and mobile apps for coaches and athletes. TrainingPeaks provides the following advanced power metrics for cycling: NORMALIZED POWER® (NP®), INTENSITY FACTOR® (IF®) and TRAINING STRESS SCORE® (TSS®).

  • NORMALIZED POWER (NP) provides an evaluation of training intensity. It provides a better measure of the true physiological demands of a given training session.
  • INTENSITY FACTOR (IF) is simply the ratio of the normalized power to your threshold power. IF therefore provides a valid and convenient way of comparing the relative intensity of a training session or race either within or between riders, taking into account changes or differences in threshold power.
  • TRAINING STRESS SCORE (TSS) quantifies the overall training load based on your power data. Please note that Polar training load and TRAINING STRESS SCORE cannot be compared. They are two different approaches.

To be able to see these power metrics on your M460 during training and after training in TrainingPeaks service you need to:

  1. Pair your M460 with a power sensor.
  2. Connect your Polar Flow and TrainingPeaks accounts.
  3. Add a new training view with TrainingPeaks metrics to your M460 in Polar Flow Sport profile settings.
  4. Sync your M460.

Connect your TrainingPeaks and Polar Flow accounts in Polar Flow web service OR Polar Flow app:

  • Polar Flow web service: Settings > Account > TrainingPeaks > Connect
  • Polar Flow app: General settings > Connect > TrainingPeaks (swipe the button to connect)

Further information about TrainingPeaks Extended Power features is available on TrainingPeaks' blog.


NORMALIZED POWER®, INTENSITY FACTOR® and TRAINING STRESS SCORE® are trademarks of TrainingPeaks, LLC and are used with the permission. Learn more at