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How can I activate Strava Live Segments® on my M460?

Strava Segments are previously defined sections of road or trail where athletes can compete for time in cycling or running. Segments are defined in and can be created by any Strava user. You can use segments to compare your own times, or to compare with other Strava users' times who have also completed the segment. Each segment has a public leaderboard with King/Queen of the Mountain (KOM/QOM) who has the best time for that segment.

You need to have a Strava Premium account to activate the Strava Live Segments® feature on your M460. All customers who purchase a M460 are entitled to a free 60 day Strava Premium Membership. Please note that the offer applies to new Strava Premium Members only. The customer will receive instructions on how to start using the Strava Premium via Flow welcome email, once they register their new M460.

Once you have activated Strava Live Segments you will receive an alert on your M460 when approaching one of your favorite Strava segments. You'll get real-time performance data displayed on your M460 showing whether you are ahead or behind your personal record (PR) of the segment. Results are calculated and displayed instantly on your M460 when the segment ends, but you need to check the final results at

Smart notifications are blocked when Strava Live Segment view is active on your M460. If you wish to receive smart notifications for example during a longer segment, you can enable them by changing the training view.

To activate the Strava Live Segments on your Polar M460 you need to:

  1. Connect your Strava and Polar Flow accounts in Polar Flow web service OR Polar Flow app

    Polar Flow web service: Settings > Account > Strava > Connect
    Polar Flow app: General Settings > Connect > Strava (swipe the button to connect)

  2. Select the segments you wish to export to Polar Flow/M460 in Press the star icon next to a segment name.

  3. You can skip step 3 if you wish to quickly transfer one or two Strava Live Segments to your M460. Just select the segments in and sync your M460.

  4. Click on the Update segments button on the Polar Flow web service's Favorites page to import Strava Live Segments to Polar Flow. Your M460 can have a maximum of 20 favorites at a time. If you have over 20 favorites in the Flow web service, the first 20 in the list are transferred to your M460 when syncing. You can change the order of your favorites by dragging and dropping them.
  5. Sync your M460. Your 20 top favorites including the Strava Live Segments you have imported from are transferred to your M460.

Further information about Strava segments is available on Strava Support.

Strava Live Segments is a trademark of Strava, Inc.