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Polar Flow App

Polar Flow app allows you to see an instant visual interpretation of your training data straight after your session. It lets you easily access your training targets and view test results. Flow app is the easiest way to sync your training data from your M460 with the Flow web service.

When using the app with your M460, you can:

  • Get a quick overview of your training and analyze every detail of your performance right away
    • Route view on a map
    • Training Benefit
    • Training Load and recovery time
    • Start time and duration of your session
    • Average and maximum speed/pace and distance
    • Average and maximum heart rate, cumulative heart rate zones
    • Calories and fat burn % of calories
    • Maximum altitude, ascent and descent
    • Lap details
  • See your progress with weekly summaries in the calendar

Before you can start using the Flow app, you need have your M460 registered in the Flow web service. The registration takes place when you set up your M460 at For more information, see Set Up Your M460.

To start using the Flow app, download it from the App Store or Google Play onto your mobile device. For support and more information on using the Polar Flow app, go to Before taking a new mobile device (smartphone, tablet) into use, you need to pair it with your M460. For more information, see Pairing Mobile device with M460.

To see your training data in the Flow app, you must sync your M460 with it after your session. For information on syncing M460 with the Flow app, see Syncing.