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Assisted GPS (A-GPS)

The M460 has built-in GPS that provides accurate speed and distance measurement for a range of outdoor sports, and allows you to see your route on map in the Flow app and web service after your session.

M460 uses AssistNow® Offline service to acquire a fast satellite fix. The AssistNow Offline service provides A-GPS data that tells your M460 the predicted positions of the GPS satellites. This way the M460 knows where to search for the satellites and thus is able to acquire signals from them within seconds, even under difficult signal conditions.

The A-GPS data updates once a day. The latest A-GPS data file is automatically updated to your M460 when you sync your M460 with the Flow web service via the FlowSync software.

A-GPS Expiry Date

The A-GPS data file is valid for up to 14 days. Finding GPS satelllite signals is relatively fast during the first three days. Time needed for the satellite fix progressively increases during the 10th-14th days. Regular updates help to ensure a fast satellite fix.

You can check the expiry date for the current A-GPS data file from your M460. In M460, go to Settings > General settings > About your product > A-GPS exp. date. If the data file has expired, sync your M460 with the Flow web service via the FlowSync software to update A-GPS data.

Once the A-GPS data file has expired, more time may be needed for finding the satellite signals.

GPS Features

M460 includes the following GPS features:

  • Distance: Accurate distance during and after your session.
  • Speed/Pace: Accurate speed/pace information during and after your session.
  • Back to start: Directs you to your starting point in the shortest distance possible, as well as shows the distance to your starting point. Now you can check out more adventurous routes and explore them safely, knowing that you're only a touch of a button away from seeing the direction to where you started.