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Polar Flow web service

The Polar Flow web service allows you to plan and analyze every detail of your training and learn more about your performance. Set up and customize M460 to perfectly fit your training needs by adding sports and tailoring settings and training views. Follow and visually analyze your progress, create training targets, and add them to your favorites.

With the Flow web service you can:

  • Analyze all of your training details with visual graphs and a route view
  • Compare specific data with others like laps or speed vs. heart rate
  • See how your training load affects your cumulative recovery status
  • See long-term progress by following the trends and details which matter to you the most
  • Follow your progress with sports specific weekly or monthly reports
  • Share highlights with your followers
  • Relive your and other users' sessions afterward

To start using the Flow web service, go to, and create your Polar account if you do not already have one. Download and install FlowSync software from the same place to allow you to sync data between M460 and Flow web service.


In Feed you can see what you've been up to lately, plus you can see your friends' activities and comments.


In Explore you can discover training sessions and routes by browsing the map. You can add routes to your favorites but they will not be synced to the M460. See public training sessions that other users have shared, and relive your own or other people’s routes and see where the highlights happened.


In Diary you can see your scheduled training sessions, as well as review past results. Information shown includes: training plans in day, week or month view, individual sessions, tests and weekly summaries.


In Progress you can follow your development with reports. Reports are a handy way to follow your progress in training over longer periods. In week, month and year reports you can choose the sport for the report. In custom period, you can choose both the period and the sport. Choose the time period and sport for report from the drop down lists, and press the wheel icon to choose what data you want to view in the report graph.

For support and more information about using the Flow web service, go to,