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Training Load

Training load is textual feedback on the strenuousness of a single training session. Training load calculation is based on the consumption of critical energy sources (carbohydrates and proteins) during exercise. It makes the loads of different types of training sessions comparable with each other. To enable a more accurate comparison between sessions, we have converted your training load into an approximate recovery need estimation.

Training load takes into consideration different factors which affect your training load and estimated recovery need. These include HRsit, HRmax, VO2max, sex, age, height, weight and your training background. Your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds (can be set in the Flow web service), heart rate during training and the duration of your session also affect the calculation. In addition by applying sport-specific factor, the strenuousness of the sport performed is reflected in your in training load and recovery need.

After each training session in the training summary, you will receive a description of your training load and the estimated time needed to recover from the session.


Check the estimated recovery needs for the different Training Loads from this chart.

See a more detailed visual interpretation of your training load and recovery in the Flow web service.