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Compatible Sensors

Enhance your training experience, and achieve a more complete understanding of your performance with Bluetooth® Smart sensors.

Polar Stride Sensor Bluetooth® Smart

The Stride Sensor Bluetooth® Smart is for runners who want to improve their technique and performance. It allows you to see speed and distance information, whether you are running on a treadmill or on the muddiest trail.

  • Measures each stride you take to show running speed and distance
  • Helps improve your running technique by showing your running cadence and stride length
  • Allows you to perform the Jump Test
  • Small sensor fits firmly onto your shoelaces
  • Shock and water resistant, to handle even the most demanding runs

Polar Speed sensor Bluetooth® Smart

There are a range of factors that can affect your cycling speed. Obviously fitness is one of them, however, weather conditions and the varying gradients of the road play a huge part too. The most advanced way of measuring how these factors affect your performance speed is with the aerodynamic speed sensor.

  • Measures your current, average and maximum speeds
  • Track your average speed to see your progress and performance improve
  • Light yet tough, and easy to attach

Polar Cadence Sensor Bluetooth® Smart

The most practical way of measuring your cycling session is with our advanced wireless cadence sensor. It measures your real-time, average and maximum cycling cadence as revolutions per minute so you can compare the technique of your ride against previous rides.

  • Improves your cycling technique and identifies your optimal cadence
  • Interference-free cadence data lets you evaluate your individual performance
  • Designed to be aerodynamic and light

Polar LOOK Kéo Power

Truly develop your cycling performance and technique. Perfect for ambitious cyclists, this system uses Bluetooth® Smart technology and consumes only a little energy.

  • Gives instant feedback by measuring accurate power output in watts
  • Displays your left and right balance as well as the current and average cadence
  • Shows how you use force against the pedal with the force vector feature
  • Easy to set up and switch between bikes