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Route Guidance

The route guidance feature guides you along routes that you have recorded in previous sessions or routes that other Flow web service users have recorded and shared. The route can be started from the start point or the end point. You can also navigate to the nearest point of the route.

You must first go to a point on your route in order for the guidance to start. You can choose to go to the route start point, route end point or nearest route point (original direction or reverse direction). When the route has been reached, your V800 guides you all the way through the route. Guidance on the display keeps you on the right track during your session. If you go off route, V800 will let you know and alert you with sound and vibration.

Guidance on the Display

  • The circle shows your location (If the circle is empty you are off the route)
  • The arrow shows the correct direction
  • More of the route is shown as you as proceed
  • Distance left

Adding a Route to V800

To add a route to your V800, you must save it as a favorite in the Flow web service Explore view or in the analysis view of your training session, and sync it to your V800.

For more information on favorites, see Favorites

For information on starting a session with route guidance, see Start a Training Session