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V800 is water resistant to 30 meters, and can be worn during swimming. The H7 heart rate sensor detects your heart rate when swimming with GymLink transmission as Bluetooth Smart® does not work in water. Please note that when using GPS when swimming, interference may occur, and the recorded data is not as accurate as in land activities. GPS may also interfere with GymLink transmission, causing disturbance in heart rate measurement when swimming. Therefore it is recommended to switch GPS off when measuring heart rate in water.

When measuring heart rate in water, you may experience interference because:

  • The ECG signal strength is individual and may vary depending on the individual’s tissue composition. Problems occur more frequently when measuring heart rate in water.
  • Pool water with high chlorine content and seawater are very conductive. Sensor electrodes can short-circuit in these conditions preventing ECG signal detection.
  • Jumping into water or strenuous muscle movement during competitive swimming may shift the sensor on your body where ECG signals are not detected.