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Back to start

The back to start feature guides you back to the starting point of your session or to a saved POI.

To use the back to start feature:

  1. Press and hold LIGHT during a training session. Quick menu is displayed.
  2. Choose Set location guide on, Set target point is displayed.
  3. Choose Starting point (default).

You can change the target point by returning to the Quick menu, and choosing Change target point. At least one POI must be saved during your session to be able to change the target point.

To return to your starting point:

  • Browse to the Back to start view.
  • Keep V800 in a horizontal position in front of you.
  • Keep moving in order for V800 to determine which direction you are going. An arrow will point in the direction of your starting point.
  • To get back to the starting point, always turn in the direction of the arrow.
  • The V800 also shows the bearing and the direct distance (beeline) between you and the starting point.

When in unfamiliar surroundings, always keep a map at hand in case the V800 loses the satellite signal or the battery runs out.