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Cadence from the Wrist

Cadence from the wrist gives you the option to get your running cadence without a separate stride sensor. Your cadence is measured with a built-in accelerometer from your wrist movements. The get this feature you need to have at least firmware version 1.7 on your V800. Please note that when using a stride sensor cadence will always be measured with it.

Cadence from the wrist is available in the following running type sports:

  • Walking, Running, Jogging, Road running, Trail running, Treadmill running, Track and field running and Ultra running

It is also available in the following multisport profiles when doing the running leg:

  • Triathlon, Duathlon, Off-road triathlon and Off-road duathlon

To see your cadence during a training session, add cadence to the training view of the sport profile you use when running. This can be done in the Flow web service Sport Profiles.