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Wearing your M430

When measuring heart rate from your wrist

To measure wrist-based heart rate accurately, you need to wear the M430 snugly on top of your wrist, just behind the wrist bone. The sensor must be in firm skin contact, but not too tight to prevent blood flow. For most accurate heart rate measurement, we advise you to wear your M430 for a few minutes prior to starting the heart rate measurement. For more information see Training with wrist-based heart rate.

After a sweaty training session, we recommend that you wash the M430 under running water with a mild soap and water solution. Then wipe it dry with a soft towel. Let it fully dry before charging.

When not measuring heart rate from your wrist

Loosen the wristband a bit for a more comfortable fit and to let your skin breathe. Wear the M430 just as you would wear a normal watch.

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to let your wrist have a breather, especially if you have sensitive skin. Take off your M430 and recharge it. This way both your skin and your device can have a rest, and be ready for your next training event.