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Training summary

After training

You'll get a summary of your training session on your M430 right after you've stopped training. Get a more detailed and illustrated analysis in the Polar Flow app or in the Polar Flow web service.

On your M430, you'll see the following data from your session:

M430 rewards you every time you reach your Personal best result in average speed/pace, distance or calories. The Personal best results are separate for each sport profile.

Time when you started the session, duration of the session and distance covered during the session.

Textual feedback on the effect of each training session. The feedback is based on training time distribution between heart rate zones, calorie expenditure and duration of the session.

Press START for more details.

Training benefit is shown if you used a heart rate sensor and trained for at least a total of 10 minutes in the heart rate zones.

Time you spent on each heart rate zone.

Your average and maximum heart rate are shown in beats per minute and percentage of maximum heart rate.

Calories burned during the session and fat burn % of calories

Average and maximum speed/pace of the session.

Your Running Index is calculated during every training session in which heart rate and the GPS function is on / Stride Sensor is in use, and when the following requirements apply:

  • Sport profile used is a running type sport (Running, Road Running, Trail running etc.)
  • Pace should be 6 km/h / 3.7 mph or faster and duration 12 minutes minimum.

You can follow your progress and see race time estimations in the Polar Flow web service.

For further information, see Running Index.

Maximum altitude, ascended meters/feet and descended meters/feet.

Visible if you trained outdoors and the GPS function was on.

The number of manual laps and the best and average duration of a lap.

Press START for more details.

The number of automatic laps and the best and average duration of an automatic lap.

Press START for more details.

Training history in M430

In Diary you can find the summaries of your training sessions for past four weeks. Go to Diary, and browse to the training session you want to view with UP/DOWN. Press START to view the data.

M430 can store up to 60 hours of training with GPS and heart rate. If your M430 is running out of memory to store your training history, it will tell you to sync your past training sessions to the Flow app or web service.

Training data in Polar Flow App

Your M430 syncs with the Polar Flow app automatically after you finish a training session if your phone is within the Bluetooth range. You can also sync your training data manually from the M430 to the Flow app by pressing and holding the BACK button of your M430 when you're signed in to the Flow app and your phone is within the Bluetooth range. In the app you can analyze your data at a glance after each session. The app allows you to see a quick overview of your training data.

For more information, see Polar Flow App.

Training data in Polar Flow Web Service

Analyze every detail of your training and learn more about your performance. Follow your progress and also share your best sessions with others.

For more information, see Polar Flow Web Service.