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Training Load and Recovery

Training load is textual feedback on the strenuousness of a single training session. The training load calculation is based on the consumption of critical energy sources (carbohydrates and proteins) during exercise.

The Training Load feature makes the loads of different types of training sessions comparable with each other. For example, you can compare the load of a long low intensity cycling session to that of a short high intensity running session. To enable a more accurate comparison between sessions, we have converted your training load into approximate recovery need estimation.

You’ll see a description of your Training Load after each session in the training summary in the Polar Flow app. You can see the estimated recovery need for the different levels of Training load here:

  • Mild 0-6 hours
  • Reasonable 7-12 hours
  • Demanding 13-24 hours
  • Very demanding 25-48 hours
  • Extreme Over 48 hours

Go to the Polar Flow web service to see a detailed training analysis including a more precise numeric load value for each session.

Your recovery status is based on your cumulative training load, daily activity and resting from the past 8 days. The most recent training sessions and activity are weighted more than earlier ones, therefore they have the biggest effect on your recovery status. Your activity outside training sessions is tracked with an internal 3D accelerometer that records your wrist movements. It analyzes the frequency, intensity and irregularity of your movements together with your physical information, allowing you to see how active you are outside your training sessions. By combining your daily activity with your training load you get a true picture of your required recovery status. Continuous monitoring of your recovery status will help you recognize personal limits, avoid over or under training, and adjust training intensity and duration according to your daily and weekly targets. You can check your recovery status in the Flow web service (Diary > Recovery status).

Read more info from the M430 support pages.