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Sport profile settings

You can edit certain sport profiles settings on your M430. You can, for example, set the GPS on or off in different sports. A wider range of customization options is available in the Polar Flow app and web service. For more information, see Sport Profiles in Flow.

There are four default sport profiles on your M430: Running, Cycling, Other outdoor and Other indoor. You can add new sport profiles to your sports list and edit their settings in the Polar Flow app or web service. Your M430 can contain a maximum of 20 sport profiles. If you have over 20 sport profiles in the Polar Flow app and web service, the first 20 in the list are transferred to your M430 when syncing.

If you have edited your sport profiles in the Flow web service before your first training session, and synced them to your M430, the sport profile list will contain the edited sport profiles.


To view or modify sport profile settings, go to Settings > Sport profiles and choose the profile you want to edit. You can also access the settings of the currently selected profile from pre-training mode by pressing and holding LIGHT.

  • Heart rate settings: Heart rate view: Choose Beats per minute (bpm) or % of maximum. Check HR zone limits: Check the limits for each heart rate zone. HR visible to other device: Choose On or Off. If you choose On, other compatible devices using Bluetooth Smart wireless technology, e.g. gym equipment, can detect your heart rate. You can also use your M430 during Polar Club classes to broadcast your heart rate to the Polar Club system.
  • GPS recording: Choose High accuracy, Medium accuracy, Power save, long session or Off.
  • Stride sensor: This setting is shown only if you have paired a Polar Stride sensor with your M430. Choose Calibration or Choose sensor for speed. In Calibration, choose Automatic or Manual. In Choose sensor for speed, set the source for speed data: Stride sensor or GPS. For more information on Stride sensor calibration, see this support document.
  • Speed settings: Speed View: Choose km/h (kilometers per hour) or min/km(minutes per kilometer). If you have chosen imperial units, choose mph (miles per hour) or min/mi (minutes per mile). Check speed zone limits: You can check the speed/pace zone limits here.
  • Automatic pause sett.: Automatic pause: Choose On or Off. If you set the Automatic pause On, your session is automatically paused when you stop moving. Activation speed: Set the speed at which recording is paused.

To use Automatic pause during training, you need to have GPS set to High Accuracy or a Polar stride sensor in use.

  • Automatic lap: Choose Off, Lap distance or Lap duration. If you choose Lap distance, set the distance after which each lap is taken. If you choose Lap duration, set the duration after which each lap is taken.

To use distance-based automatic lap, you need to have GPS recording on or a Polar stride sensor in use.