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Polar Sleep PlusTM

The M430 tracks your sleep if you wear it at night. It detects when you fall asleep and when you wake up and collects the data for deeper analysis in the Polar Flow app and web service. The M430 observes your hand movement during the night to track all interruptions over the entire sleep span, and tells you how much time you actually spent asleep.

Sleep data on your M430

You can check your sleep data from My day.
  • Sleep time tells you the total duration between when you fell asleep and when you woke up.
  • Actual sleep tells the time spent asleep between the time you fell asleep and when you woke up. More specifically, it is your sleep time minus the interruptions. Only the time you actually spend asleep is included in actual sleep.
To view your sleep data in more detail, open the sleep summary by pressing START. Your M430 will show your Sleep time and Actual sleep at the top of the summary. Browse with UP/ DOWN to view the following information:

Continuity: Sleep continuity is a rating of how continuous your sleep time was. Sleep continuity is evaluated on a scale from one to five: fragmented – fairly fragmented – fairly continuous – continuous – very continuous.

The times you Fell asleep and Woke up.

Feedback: You’ll get feedback on the duration and quality of your sleep. Feedback on duration is based on comparing your sleep time to your preferred sleep time.

How did you sleep?: You can rate how well you’ve slept last night with a five-step scale: very poorly - poorly – okay - well - very well. By rating your sleep, you get a longer version of textual feedback in the Flow app and web service. The feedback in the Flow app and web service takes into account your own subjective rating of your sleep and modifies the feedback based on it.

Sleep data in the Flow app and web service

Your sleep data is shown in the Flow app and web service after your M430 is synced. You can view the timing, amount, and quality of your sleep. You can set Your preferred sleep time to define how long you aim to sleep every night. You can also rate your sleep in the Flow app and web service. You will receive feedback on how you slept based on your sleep data, your preferred sleep time and your sleep rating.

In the Flow web service, you can view your sleep under the Sleep tab in your Diary. You can also include your sleep data to Activity reports under the Progress tab.

By following your sleep patterns you can see if they’re affected by any changes in your daily life and find the right balance between rest, daily activity and training.

Learn more about the Polar Sleep Plus in this in-depth guide.