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Button Functions and Menu Structure

M400 has five buttons that have different functionalities depending on the situation of use. See the tables below to find out what functionalities the buttons have in different modes.

Button Functions

Time View and Menu

Illuminate the display

Press and hold to lock buttons

Exit the menu

Return to the previous level

Leave settings unchanged

Cancel selections

Press and hold to return to time view from menu

Press and hold to sync with Flow app in time view

Confirm selections

Enter pre-training mode

Confirm the selection shown on the display

Move through selection lists

Adjust a selected value

Press and hold to change the watch face

Move through selection lists

Adjust a selected value

Pre-Training Mode

Illuminate the display

Press and hold to enter sport profile settings

Return to time view Start a training session Move through sports list Move through sports list

During training

Illuminate the display

Press and hold to enter Quick Menu

Pause training by pressing once

Press and hold for 3 seconds to stop training recording

Press and hold to set zone lock on/off

Continue training recording when paused

Change training view Change training view

Menu Structure

Enter and browse through the menu by pressing UP or DOWN. Confirm selections with the START button, and return with the BACK button.

In the menu you'll find:

  • Today's activity
  • Diary
  • Settings
  • Fitness test
  • Timers
  • Favorites

Today's Activity

The daily activity goal you get from Polar M400 is based on your personal data and activity level setting, which you can find in the Daily Activity Goal settings in the Flow web service.

Your daily activity goal is visualized with an activity bar. The activity bar fills up as you reach your daily goal.

In Today's activity you'll see details of your activity (active time, calories and steps) and options for reaching your daily activity goal.

For more information, see 24/7 Activity Tracking


In Diary you'll see the current week, past four weeks and next four weeks. Select a day to see your activity and training sessions of that day, the training summary of each session and the tests you have done.You can also see your planned training sessions.


In Settings you can edit:

  • Sport profiles
  • Physical settings
  • General settings
  • Watch settings

For more information , see Settings.


In Timers you'll find:

  • Interval timer: Set time and/or distance based interval timers to precisely time work and recovery phases in your interval training sessions.
  • Finish time estimator: Achieve your target time for a set distance. Set the distance for your session and M400 will estimate the finish time of the session according to your speed.

For more information, see Start a Training Session.

Fitness Test

Measure your fitness level while you lie down and relax.

For more information, see Fitness Test.


In Favorites you'll find training targets that you have saved as favorites in the Flow web service.

For more information, see Favorites.