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Speed Zones

With the speed/pace zones you can easily monitor speed or pace during your session, and adjust your speed/pace to achieve the targeted training effect. The zones can be used to guide the efficiency of your training during sessions, and help you mix up your training with different training intensities for optimal effects.

Speed Zones Settings

The speed zone settings can be adjusted in the Flow web service. They can be turned on or off in the sport profiles they are available in. There are five different zones, and zone limits can be manually adjusted or you can use the default ones. They are sport specific, allowing you to adjust the zones to best suit each sport. The zones are available in running sports (including team sports that involve running), cycling sports as well as rowing and canoeing.


If you choose Default, you cannot change the limits. The default zones are an example of speed/pace zones for a person with a relatively high fitness level.


If you choose Free, all limits can be changed. For example, if you have tested your actual thresholds, such as anaerobic and aerobic thresholds, or upper and lower lactate thresholds, you can train with zones based on your individual threshold speed or pace. We recommend that you set your anaerobic threshold speed and pace as the minimum for zone 5. If you also use aerobic threshold, set that as the minimum of zone 3.

Training Target with Speed Zones

You can create training targets based on speed/pace zones. After synchronizing the targets via FlowSync, you’ll receive guidance from your training device during training.

During Training

During your training you can view which zone you are currently training in and the time spent in each zone.

After Training

In the training summary on M400, you'll see an overview of the time spent in each speed zone. After syncing, detailed visual speed zone information can be viewed in the Flow web service.