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Polar M400 User Manual


Congratulations on your new M400! Designed for enthusiastic exercisers, the M400 with GPS, Smart Coaching and 24/7 activity measurement encourages you to push your boundaries and perform at your best. Get an instant overview of your training straight after your session with Flow app, and plan and analyze your training in detail with the Flow web service.

This user manual helps you get started with your new training companion. To check the video tutorials and the latest version of this user manual, go to


Monitor your training data, such as heart rate, speed, distance and route, and even the smallest activities in your everyday life.

H7 Heart Rate Sensor

See live, accurate heart rate on your M400 during training. Your heart rate is information used to analyze how your session went.

Only included in M400 with heart rate sensor sets. If you bought a set that does not include a heart rate sensor, not to worry, you can always buy one later.

USB Cable

Use the USB cable to charge the battery, and to sync data between your M400 and the Polar Flow web service via FlowSync software.

Polar Flow App

View your training data at a glance after every session. Flow app syncs your training data wirelessly to the Polar Flow web service. Download it from the App Store or Google Play.

Polar FlowSync Software

Flowsync software allows you to sync data between your M400 and the Flow web service on your computer via the USB cable. Go to to download and install Polar FlowSync software.

Polar Flow Web Service

Plan and analyze every detail of your training, customize your device and learn more about your performance at