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Functions During Training

Take a Lap

Press START to record a lap. Laps can also be taken automatically. In sport profile settings, set Automatic lap to Lap distance or Lap duration. If you choose Lap distance, set the distance after which each lap is taken. If you choose Lap duration, set the duration after each lap is taken.

Lock a Heart Rate or Speed Zone

Press and hold START to lock the heart rate or speed zone you are currently in. Select HR zone or Speed zone. To lock/unlock the zone, press and hold START. If your heart rate or speed goes outside the locked zone, you will be notified with audio feedback.

Change Phase During a Phased Session

Press and hold LIGHT. Quick menu is displayed. Choose Start next phase from the list, and press START (if manual phase change is chosen when creating the target). If automatic is chosen, the phase will change automatically when you have finished a phase. You will be notified with an audio feedback.

Change Settings in Quick Menu

Press and hold LIGHT. Quick menu is displayed. You can change certain settings without pausing your training session. For detailed information, see Quick Menu.