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Starting a training session

  1. Wear your M200, and tighten the wristband.
  2. Go to Training, and press and hold the RIGHT button.
  3. OR

    Press and hold the RIGHT button.

  4. Browse through the sport profiles with the RIGHT button. You can add more sport profiles to your M200 in the Polar Flow mobile app or in the Flow web service. In the web service, you can also define specific settings for each sport profile, such as create tailored training views.
  5. Go outdoors and away from tall buildings and trees. Keep your M200 still with the display upwards to find the GPS satellite signals. Your M200 vibrates and the GPS icon stops blinking when the signal is found.
  6. M200 has found your heart rate when the heart rate icon stops blinking and your heart rate is shown.

  7. Press and hold the RIGHT button to start recording your training session.

See Functions During Training for more information on what you can do with your M200 during training.

Start a planned training session

You can plan your training and create detailed training targets in the Polar Flow app or the Polar Flow web service and sync them to your M200.

To start a planned training session:

Your planned training sessions for the current day appear at the top of the list under Training.

  1. Press and hold the RIGHT button to choose the training target. If you have a phased training planned for the day, you can press the RIGHT button to browse through the different phases of the planned training session.
  2. Press and hold the RIGHT button to open the list of sport profiles. Then continue to follow the instructions above for how to Start a training session from step 3.

Your M200 will guide you towards completing your target during training. See Functions During Training for more information.