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Factory resetting the M200

If you experience problems with your M200, and restarting it doesn't help, try resetting the device.

Resetting empties your M200 of all information, and you need to set it up again for your personal use. You can first see if our troubleshooting support documents on the Polar Support pages can help you fix the problem you're experiencing before you Factory Reset your M200.

To Factory Reset your M200 in FlowSync with your computer:

  1. Plug your M200 into the computer.
  2. Click the settings wheel icon in FlowSync to open settings menu.
  3. Press the Factory Reset button.

You can also reset your M200 from the device itself:

  1. Browse to Settings > About product > Restart device.
  2. Press and hold the right button and then press right button once more to confirm the restart.
  3. While the Polar logo is shown, press and hold the left button until "Restoring" appears on the display.

Now you need to set up your M200 again, either via mobile or computer. Just remember to use the same Polar account in the setup you've used before resetting.