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Changing the settings

In Settings you'll find:

  • Pair & Sync
  • Flight mode
  • Smart notificat.
  • About product

Pair & Sync

Pair & Sync devices: Pair devices, e.g. a heart rate sensor, a weight scale or a mobile device, with your M200. For more information, see Pairing. Sync data from your M200 to a paired mobile device. Tip: You can also sync by pressing and holding the LEFT button in the time view.

Remove pairings: Remove a pairing between a heart rate sensor or a mobile device and your M200.

Flight mode

Choose On or Off.

Flight mode cuts off all wireless communication from the device. You can still use it to collect activity or to train with the wrist-based heart rate measurement, but you cannot use it in training sessions with a Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor, nor sync your data to the Polar Flow mobile app because Bluetooth Smart is disabled.

Smart notificat.

Set Smart notifications feature On or Off. For more information on the feature, see Smart notifications.

About product

Check the device ID of your M200, as well as the firmware version and HW model. You may need this information if you contact Polar customer care. Choose Restart device, if you experience problems with your M200. For more information, see Restart M200.

Time of day setting

The current time and its format are transferred to your M200 from your mobile device or from your computer system clock when you sync with the Polar Flow app or web service. To change the time, first change the time on your mobile device or the time zone on your computer, and then sync your M200 with the app or web service.