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GPS features

The M200 has a built-in GPS that provides accurate speed/pace, distance and altitude measurement for a range of outdoor sports and allows you to see your route on a map in the Flow app and web service after your session.

If you want to see the different GPS data on your M200 during your session, you need to edit the training views of the sport profile you want to use accordingly.

Your M200 uses SiRFInstantFix™ satellite prediction technology to acquire a fast satellite fix. In optimal conditions, i.e. outdoors and away from tall buildings and trees, your M200 can find satellite signals in less than one minute.

The technology in the M200 accurately predicts satellite positions for up to three days. This way, if you train again during the next three days, your M200 knows where to search for the satellites and is able to acquire signals more quickly, even in 5-10 seconds. The positioning accuracy progressively decreases during the 2nd and 3rd days.

If you don't train again within the next couple of days, your M200 will have to locate the satellites signals again from scratch next time, and more time may be required for acquiring the current position.

For best GPS performance, wear the M200 on your wrist with the display facing up.