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Fitness Test

The Polar Fitness Test is an easy, safe and quick way to estimate your aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness at rest. The result, Polar OwnIndex, is comparable to maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), which is commonly used to evaluate aerobic fitness. Your long-term training background, heart rate, heart rate variability at rest, gender, age, height, and body weight all influence OwnIndex. The Polar Fitness Test is developed for use by healthy adults.

You need to wear a compatible Polar heart rate sensor (H6, H7, H9, H10) to perform the Fitness test. When you're wearing a Polar heart rate sensor that's paired with your A370, the A370 automatically uses the connected sensor to measure your heart rate during the test.

For instructions on performing the Polar Fitness test with A370, see the support document How do I perform Fitness test and what is it used for?.