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Menu structure

You can turn on the display by turning your wrist or press the button on the side.

Enter and browse through the menu by swiping the touch screen up or down. Select items by tapping the icons, and return with pressing the button on the side.


Your daily activity goal is visualized in some of the watch faces and in the activity bar in My day menu. For example, you can see your progress towards the goal how the clock numbers fill up with color in one.

For more information, see 24/7 Activity Tracking.

My day

Here you'll see the progress of your daily activity goal in more detail, steps and calories and any training sessions you've done so far during the current day or any planned training sessions you've created in the Flow web service. If you wear your A370 at night, you'll see your sleep information from the previous night. Also if you have continuous HR on, you'll see your lowest recorded heart rate from the previous night and during the day the lowest and the highest so far.

Tap each event in your day to see the it in more detail. To see what you have left to go to reach your daily activity goal, tap the activity data.


This is where you start your training sessions. Tap the icon to access the sport selection menu. You can edit the selection in the Flow web service to keep your favorite sports more easily accessible on your A370. Go to Flow, click your name and Sport profiles. Add or remove your favorite sports from there and remember to sync to get them on your device.

To start training, wait for your heart rate to appear next to a sport icon and tap the sport icon and the training session begins.

If you want to have your location information of your outdoor training session, you need to have your phone with you during the training session. Wait for the GPS icon to become static before starting the session. See here for more information.


In Favorites you'll find training sessions you have saved as favorites in the Flow web service. If you've not saved any favorites in Flow, this item is not in the A370 menu.

For more information, see Favorites.

My heart rate

Here you can quicky check your current heart rate.


In Settings you can toggle Continuous HR mode, Flight mode, Do not disturb mode and HR sensor mode on and off, power the device down, reset Bluetooth connections and see device-specific information.