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Continuous Heart Rate

Continuous Heart Rate feature measures your heart rate around the clock. It enables more accurate measurement of daily calorie consumption and your overall activity because also physical activities with very little wrist movement, such as cycling, can now be tracked.

The Continuous HR feature is automatically on in your A370. You can toggle between turning the Continuous HR feature on and off on your A370 under Settings by tapping the icon. Polar’s Continuous HR feature measures your heart rate in an intelligent, adaptable and optimized manner. Still, keeping the Continuous HR feature on in your Polar device will drain the battery quicker.

Under My day you’ll be able to follow what will be the highest and lowest heart rate readings of your day and you can check what your lowest heart rate reading was during the previous night. You can follow the readings in more detail and in longer periods in Polar Flow, either in web or in the mobile app.

Polar’s Continuous Heart Rate tracking starts every few minutes or based on your wrist movements.

The timed measurement checks your heart rate every few minutes and if your heart rate is elevated during the check, the Continuous HR feature starts to track your heart rate. Continuous HR tracking can also start based on your wrist movements, for example, when you’re walking with a fast enough pace for at least one minute.

The continuous tracking of your heart rate stops automatically when your activity level drops low enough. When your Polar device detects that you’ve been sitting for a long time, the Continuous HR tracking starts in order to find the lowest heart rate reading of your day.