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24/7 Activity Tracking

A370 tracks your activity with an internal 3D accelerometer that records your wrist movements. It analyzes the frequency, intensity and regularity of your movements together with your physical information, allowing you to see how active you really are in your everyday life, on top of your regular training. We recommend to wear you A370 on your non-dominant hand for more accurate activity tracking.

Activity Goal

You'll get your personal activity goal when you register your Polar account in Flow. It guides you in reaching the goal each day. You can view the goal on your A370 and in Polar Flow app or web service. The activity goal is based on your personal data and activity level setting, which you can find in the Daily Activity Goal settings in the Flow web service.

If you want to change your goal, sign in to the Flow web service, click your name/profile photo in the upper right corner and go to the Daily Activity goal tab in Settings. The Daily Activity goal setting lets you choose the one that best describes your typical day and activity from three activity levels. Below the selection area, you can see how active you need to be to reach your daily activity goal on the chosen level. For example, if you're an office worker and spend most of your day sitting, you would be expected to reach about four hours of low intensity activity during an ordinary day. For people who stand and walk a lot during their working hours, the expectations are higher.

Activity data

A370 gradually fills up an activity bar to indicate your progress towards your daily goal. When the bar is full, you've reached your goal and you'll get a vibrating alert. You can view the activity bar in My day menu and in some of the watch faces.


In the My day menu you can see how active your day has been so far along with any training sessions you've done or planned for the day.

  • Steps: Steps you've taken so far. The amount and type of body movements are registered and turned into an estimation of steps.
  • Calories: Shows how many calories you've burned through training, activity and BMR (Basal metabolic rate: the minimum metabolic activity required to maintain life).




Note that your training session information is not included in the daily activity data. In other words, the steps, the distance, the active time and the calories as well as the overall progress towards reaching your daily activity goal that are shown under the My day menu on your fitness tracker, and under Activity in the Polar Flow mobile app and web service, represent all the other activity you perform during the day, in addition to any recorded training session.

Inactivity alert

It's widely known that physical activity is a major factor in maintaining health. In addition to being physically active, it's important to avoid prolonged sitting. Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health, even on those days when you train and gain enough daily activity. Your A370 spots if you’re being inactive for too long during your day and this way helps you to break up your sitting to avoid the negative effects it has on your health.

If you’ve been still for 55 minutes, you'll get an inactivity alert: It's time to move is shown along with a small vibration. Stand up and find your own way to be active. Take a short walk, stretch, or do some other light activity. The message goes away when you start moving or press any button. If you don't get active in five minutes, you'll get an inactivity stamp, which you can see on the Flow app and Flow web service after syncing.

Both Flow app and Flow web service will show you how many inactivity stamps you have received. This way you can check back on your daily routine and make changes towards a more active life.

Sleep information in the Flow web service and Flow app

Polar devices with 24/7 activity measurement automatically detect when you fall asleep, when you’re sleeping and when you wake up from your wrist movements. They observe your movements during the night tracking all interruptions during your sleep span, and tell you how much time you actually spent asleep. The sleep detection is based on recording the movements of your non-dominant hand with a digital 3D acceleration sensor.

Tracking your sleep gives you an insight into your sleep patterns, allowing you to see where to make improvements or changes. Comparing your night to night averages and assessing your patterns can help you spot what you’re doing during the day that can affect your sleep. Weekly summaries in your Polar Flow account help you evaluate how regular your sleep-wake pattern is.

What Polar Sleep PlusTM Measures – Key Components of Sleep Tracking

• Sleep time - Sleep time tells you the total duration between when you fell asleep and when you woke up. Your Polar device observes your body movements and can detect when you fall asleep and wake up. It also detects interruptions to your sleep during the entire Sleep time.

• Actual sleep - Actual sleep tells the time spent asleep between the time you fell asleep and when you woke up. More specifically, it is your sleep time minus the interruptions. Only the time you actually spend asleep is included in actual sleep. Actual sleep can be presented as both percentage [%] and duration [h:min].

• Interruptions - During a normal night's sleep there are numerous short and long interruptions when you actually awaken from your sleep. Whether you remember these interruptions or not depends on their duration. The shorter ones we don’t usually remember. The longer ones, for instance when one might get up for a sip of water, we can remember.

• Sleep continuity - Sleep continuity describes how continuous your sleep was. The continuity of your sleep is assessed on a scale of 1-5, where 5 reflects very continuous sleep. The lower the value the more fragmented your sleep was. A good night's sleep consists of long uninterrupted sleep segments and does not contain interruptions at frequent intervals.

• Self-evaluation - In addition to showing objective sleep metrics the Flow service encourages you to self-evaluate your sleep daily. You can rate how well you’ve slept last night with a five-step scale: very poorly - poorly - okay - well - very well. By answering this question, you get a longer version of textual feedback about your sleep duration and quality.

Activity data in Flow App and Flow web service

With the Flow app you can follow and analyze your activity data on the go and have your data synced wirelessly from your A370 to the Flow web service. The Flow web service gives you the most detailed insight into your activity information.